Chère Laurence, Plus je suis avec toi, Et plus je suis avec moi. Plus nous nous rencontrons, Et plus je te trouve, Belle. Plus nous partageons, Plus l'envie de partager, S'éveille. Au … [Read more...]


Hey baby, There is no coincidence at all, There is only law of cause and effects, There is only signs, There is only help. Can't you see? When i am talking to you? Can't you see? When i am … [Read more...]

La présence

La présence, éblouie par sa propre beauté, entre dans la gratitude et le bonheur, lorsque à travers nos yeux, son reflet, elle touche. Ivre de sa propre lumière, elle peut alors, à travers nous, … [Read more...]


Lorsque notre conscience, La loi de cause à effet illumine, Alors, Les chemins des possibles, S'illuminent. Lorsque, Comme un projecteur, Notre conscience illumine. Alors, L'intuition … [Read more...]

Ma vie

Toute ma vie, De la musique, j’écoutais, sans comprendre pourquoi. Il fallait de la musique, le matin, le soir, tout le temps. Aujourd'hui, je sais, que ce n’était pas la musique, mais toi que je … [Read more...]


Oh baby It's Christmas Any material gift I could offer you Any typical gift I could offer you But today Yes today The most important gift In this world, and the others I will offer … [Read more...]


Imagine, 7 billions of people enlightened, Living together, Loving each other, Creating each other, Creating the new world, Of happiness, Of consciousness. Come with us brothers, Come with … [Read more...]

Waiting for love

I dreamed about you And suddenly, you appeared. How is that possible? Yes, I created you Yes, you created me. Can you believe it? Let me say this: Whatever we think comes into being In a … [Read more...]

Oh God

Oh God Your river of love I am drinking Oh God Full of you I am Oh God Totally drunk on your love I am Oh God Full of light I am Oh God I can't eat anymore Oh God I'm crying … [Read more...]

I am a son of God

I am a son of God My father is the sun My mother is the earth I am here To love you I am here To support you I am here To help you I am here and I am You Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]