Oh baby It's Christmas Any material gift I could offer you Any typical gift I could offer you But today Yes today The most important gift In this world, and the others I will offer … [Read more...]

There is love

There is love Inside you I can feel it I can hear it Under your ego Under millions of mental programs There is love, there is love Look into your heart Look into my heart Feel this … [Read more...]

The Self

In the mirror of our souls The Self you will see Infinite Power Infinite Force Infinite Love Creator of this world Creator of all universes Infinite Consciousness is what we are Infinite … [Read more...]


When the Power of God You receive When infinite Love You become Everything Possible Becomes Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]


Oh brother Sons of the sun we are Sons of our father we are My smile Is your smile My love Is your love Your mirror I am As my Mirror You are Because One we are Your eternal … [Read more...]


Oh, sister of light Your wings, I see In your eyes, I fall In the blue, I fall with you This world, you are saving Understand The power of your love Understand who you are Destroy fears and … [Read more...]


Being with you Is like being With the sun You shine so much A source of power you are A source of love you are You are one Life force Inside you Purify our body Purify our soul And our … [Read more...]


This power Inside of you Understand now You must This power is love This power is what you are made of This power Is me Accept it Use it I am with you You are with me We are one Poème … [Read more...]


Your eyes Are burning my heart Spreading love Spreading joy Spreading happiness Your eyes Are not seeing me They are feeling me They are feeding on me Deeper and deeper Come inside Come … [Read more...]


Light Can only exist If someone can see it Sounds Can only exist If someone can hear them Touch can only exist If someone can feel it Thinking Can only exist If something Is … [Read more...]


This power Inside of you Now You will learn How to use it Listen To your heart Listen to me Listen to your inner voice Trust it Trust me We are One Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]


Give me your love Empower me Let me be The hacker Of the world I am The rebel Your love Is giving me wings Your love Is helping The world To be better With your love The world I am … [Read more...]

Power of Love

This fire Burning inside me Burning inside you It is our love An infinite love Like a volcano Flowing in our veins It is so perfect It is so pure This love is my brother’s love This … [Read more...]