When the disciple is ready

When the disciple is ready
The master Guru arrives

And when the disciple becomes a Guru
The master Guru leaves

Then you can fly
Then you are free

Understand the Guru inside you
Understand that you are God

Surrender to him
And go towards enlightenment

Then you become your own master
Then, you are free

The Guru


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Être gay

Être gay, c’est transcender les conditionnements,
Être gay, c’est accepter sa nature divine,
Être gay, c’est expérimenter le un.

Car il faut de l’amour,
Car il faut du courage,

Car il faut de la force,
Car il faut de la joie,

Pour dire :

Je suis ce que je suis,
Je suis ce que je suis,
Je suis ce que je suis,

Et ni la société,
Et ni les hommes,

Et ni les conditionnements,
Et ni l’ignorance,

Ne peuvent me changer.
Ne peuvent me mentir,

Car la force de l’amour est la plus forte,
Car le pouvoir de l’amour est invincible,
Car l’amour est ma nature,

L’amour, EST ce que je suis.

l’amour est universel,
l’amour est fraternel,
l’amour est infini.

Que le cœur des anges,
Que le cœur des hommes,
Que le cœur des femmes,

Sans barrière,

Ni de sexe,
Ni de couleur de peau,
Ni de religion,
Ni de culture,
Ni d’aucun conditionnement.

L’amour est divin,
L’amour est infini,
Oui, l’amour,
Le véritable amour,
Est universel.

A tous les anges,
A toutes les femmes,
A tous les hommes,

Dépassez les conditionnements,
Acceptez ce que vous êtes réellement.

Puis commencez à vivre,
Vivez heureux,
Vivez en paix,

Nous vous aimons !
Nous vous aimons !
Nous vous aimons !

Vous êtes,
Nous sommes,
Nous sommes,

Poem by Kundun/Poème de Kundun, Gay pride Madrid 2012


Are a mix of Ego and Love
Learn to see the truth
Learn to see their hearts
Understand their mental programing
So you can help them
To deprogram
To be free
To love
To begin to live

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Brother of love

Oh Brother
Brother of love
Brother of faith,
The first one you were
The last one you will be
From this world

It is just the beginning
Of our story
Of our experience

Many masters we will meet
Many masters we will teach
Many masters we will connect with

Every second
In this world
And the others
Every second
I am with you
I am you!
As you are me

Oh Brother
Thanks to you
I have begun to live
Thanks to you
I arrived on
This spiritual path

Everything happened
Because of your testimony
Can you understand that?
You changed your life
Because of your testimony
And the world will change
Because of our infinite love

Can you feel it?
The river of love
Is flowing again, and again

My infinite love and my gratitude
I send to you

Our mothers and fathers
Are happy
With their beautiful sons

Their infinite love
We are spreading

Let’s change the world
Let’s create a new humankind
Come with me
Run with me
Fly with me
Merge with me


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Is a projection
Of me
Every being
Every human
Every animal
Every plant
Is what I am
Infinite Consciousness
Is made of me
Is me
Even countries
Even organizations
Are projections of what we all are
Infinite consciousness

Even association, companies, countries
Which are groups of men
Like groups of cells
Are projections of what we are

Life is everywhere
On all levels
All beings
All groups of beings
All groups of me
Are me
Acting like me
We are life

It means Surviving
It means growing Again and again
It means developing
It means learning
It means exploring
It means creating
It means destroying

In expansion
I am

In expansion
We all are

Look at the world
Look at us
The expansion of one cell
Is the expansion of the whole
The development of one cell
Is the development of the whole
Exponential expansion we are

Each of us is working for the whole
For this reason
Each action
Should be in the right direction
Think of life
Think of what we are doing
Each moment of our life
Each action in the right direction
Is good for mankind
Is good for the whole

We all are
In expansion
All the universe
All beings
All groups of beings
All me

Understand this
Understand me

Every me
Is going to
Look at the evolution
Of mankind
Look at the evolution
Of nature
Of animals
Of life

Every being
Is so perfect
Is so beautiful
Is so full of life

Makes us perfect

Creation, destruction
Makes us perfect

I am Shiva
I am creation
I am destruction
I am you

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun

Words, creation of the universe

What you think
Is what you are
Be careful what you think
Understand the deep meaning of the words
In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god
The first word was « love »
Because love is god as god is love
Love is what we are
Then, god created more words
The second word was light
Then the big bang appeared
The third word was planets
The fourth word was air
The fifth word was water
Then plants were created
Then Animals were created
Then Adam and Eve were created
Each root word
Is developed in many other words
Each time god created a word, the reality of the word was created too
Because reality is what we think
As an incarnation of god, we create concepts in the same way
The microcosm is in the macrocosm and the macrocosm is in the microcosm
Plants and animals developed in many species
Then Adam was developed into the word « father » then « brother », Eve into the word « mother » then « sister »
Minerals, Air, developed in many different ways too
Like a huge tree
Any word
Comes from the one, from the root
For this reason
Some words are very powerful
Some of them are the roots of the world
When roots you become
God you become
Then one you become
Then understanding

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

About love

When a clean mirror,
Finds another clean mirror,
What happens?
They share light and love of course!
And what happens then?
They fall in love,
They fall in love,
Each time they send love to each other,
They reflect the light,
Oh my God, how wonderful you are,
How wonderful we are,
When in your arms,
We are.

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Hey baby,
A perfect mirror, I am.
Reflecting your love,
Reflecting life,
When you smile,
I smile,
When you love,
I love,
When you laugh,
I laugh,
When you dream,
I dream,
’cause I am

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Where you live

The place you are living
Is a projection
Of what you are
Look at your objects
Look at the harmony
Look at the plants
Understand your beauty
Understand your love

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Our universe
Is made of energy
Everything you touch
Everything you see
Everything you hear
Everything is alive
Everything you feel
Everything is alive
An idea
A project
A concept
An object
Even you
Are alive
A word, a book, a poem
Is alive
Somewhere in the universe
For this reason, words, objects,
Everything is very important
The decoration of your home
What you eat
Your clothes
They all are alive
They are reflection of you
We are all energy
Communication between all groups of energy
Is beyond human imagination
Yes, all groups of energy are communicating
With every group of energy
Humans feel the energy of plants, of animals
Plants feel the energy of human, of sounds
A complex communication system
It is going to be more and more documented
With scientists and research
What we can say is that there is
A magnetic force between groups of energy
Between universes
For example, all the flowers you love,
Any object you love
Any person you love
There are reasons.
The reasons can be understood if you understand
The compatibility and the communication process
Between universes
Love means sharing between two universes
You love a flower because you have something in common with it
You love an object because you are sharing something with it
You share love with a brother, because you have something you are sharing with him.
The person you love
Is a person you can share something with.
The more you share the universe with someone, the more you fall in love with that person.
It could be spiritual beauty
It could be physical beauty
It could be any beauty of this world.
Because we are one
Discovering the beauty in someone means discovering your own beauty.
This is why we literally fall in love.
Communication between universes is vast.
It could be words, could be sounds, could be voices, could be thoughts, could be intentions
It could be touching, it could be seeing.
If you send love to your plants, they will immediately feel it
Intention, thoughts are sent.
You can feel the thoughts that someone is sending you
As a person can feel the thoughts you have for them
You can train yourself to feel what a plant, an animal, a person is thinking about you.
It even works with a company, a brand.
The more a brand, the more a company is loved, the more people will buy, the more successful it will be.
What you feel about a project, about a person, about an organization,
Will change the way you react.
The concept is :
What am I sharing with him, with her?
Is it me?
If universes are very close, if a lot is shared, then
Action, love will happen.
Depending on your awareness
Depending on the size of your consciousness
You can love and share more or less
If your consciousness is infinite
Then god you are
Then enlightened you are
Then in love you are
With everything
And everyone

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


The question is :
What can you really share?
If you could share everything
You would become God
You would become
This what god is doing
He is sharing love
He is sharing life
He is sharing everything
Even your lover
He is sharing.
Learn to share more
Learn to love more
And become
What you really
The more you love
The more you share,
And the more you share
The more you love
In reality,
What you share
Is what you are
And what you are
Is what you have shared
Love is what you are
If you have nothing to share,
You do not exist
Even human babies are
The sum of what their parents and environment
Shared with them
The sum of sharing
You are
What people have shared with you
You can understand
What you are

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Surrender to the flow

Life is movement
Death is the absence of movement
Energy, consciousness
Create and destroy life and death
Accept the movement
Surrender to the flow of consciousness
Surrender to the flow of energy
Feel and understand the direction
Feel and understand groups of consciousness
Feel and understand the movement of consciousness
Understand how
An infinity of universes
Are merging
Are separating
Understand how intentions
Move your universe
Move all the universes
Is the reception of a particular group of consciousness
Choose your intention
Surrender to the best group for you
Depending on what you have understood
About who you really are
Follow the flow
Follow the river of love
Feel everywhere
Feel everything
Feel everyone
In the same flow
We all are
Because one
We are.
It Could be a song,
It Could a perfume,
It Could be a landscape,
It Could be a being,
With the flow you choose
Magnetic attraction
To beauty
Means magnetic attraction
To what you are.
Because what you love
Is what you are
And what you are
Is what you love
An infinite number of things
An infinite number of beings
An infinite number of human
You can love
All of them
The sum of all universes
Is the definition
In expansion I am
In love
With myself
I am
Because all universes
Are merging
And merging
Because all universes
Are creating new universes
Every second
An infinite number of ideas
An infinite number of beings
An infinite number of everything is created
An infinite number of mes is created
An infinite number of yous is created
This is why
Infinite we are
Infinite we were
Infinite we will be
We are auto-creating ourselves
This is how
In expansion
We are
All of us
Because every being is in the flow
Every being is in expansion.
The macrocosm is in the microcosm
And the microcosm is in the macrocosm
Each time your consciousness grows
Your universe grows
Like the whole universe

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


God surrendered his universe to man
He gave us total freedom
Because he is trusts us
Because he is us
As we are him
This is the most beautiful act of love
He gave to us
He gave us life and freedom
This is the best thing a father can do
For his children
Understand that
Act with love and responsibility
What you receive
Is divine
Understand this infinite love
Understand him
Understand yourself

poème de Kundun / poem by Kundun


Can only exist
If someone can see it
Can only exist
If someone can hear them
Touch can only exist
If someone can feel it
Can only exist
If something
Is conscious

Are incarnations of god
Even a rock, a plant, an animal, a human
Is full of gods
Full of consciousness
Gods need us
To live
As we need them
To live
If all beings in the universe disappear
Gods disappear
If no one has faith
If no consciousness exists
The power of gods diminish
Faith and love
Give power
Faith and love
Are the expansion process
The microcosm is in the macrocosm
And the macrocosm is in the microcosm
Love between humans expands their consciousness
Love between humans and gods expands their consciousness
Because humans are incarnation of gods,
Because they are the same,
the same processes are working
Artists, spiritualists need the love of others to grow.
Love is all we need
The mirror of life
The more you send love,
The more love you receive
The more your consciousness expands
In the entire universe.
The more gods receive love,
From human to human
From human to god
The more love flows
The more the universe expands
The more consciousness is expanding
Because the entire universe is made of consciousness
Made of energy
Made of us
Made of love
This is why
The infinite love foundation
Helps beings
To love each other
It is the best thing
Someone or an organization
Can do
Help people to love more
More love
Means more consciousness
Means more gods
Means more creation
Means more expansion
This is what infinite is
It is expansion
Of us
God is constructing himself
Through us
Using the love
As energy
This is how mankind has been growing
For millions of years
Love is the key
Created in this world
And the others
Have been created by love
The first human love
Was the love between Adam and Eve
Then love between father and son,
Then love between mother and son
Then love between brother and sisters
Then love between grandparent and grandson/daughter
The first love in nature
Was the creation of planets, rocks and animals
Then humans, as an incarnation of god
Created art
For love of beauty
Then humans
Sought inventions
For the love of the knowledge.
Knowledge and invention are the discovery of the laws
How to use them
Then humans
Go to understand other humans and god
This love is compassion
It is the love of others
It is the love of what we are
The entire universe
was created
by love.
Love is what we are
What we were
What we will be

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Inside all men

Inside all men
You will find
Inside all men,
You will find
Inside all men
You will find

Inside all men,
You will find


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

In the heart of man

In the heart of man
Love you will find
In the heart of man
Beauty you will find
In the heart of man
Perfection you will find
In the heart of man
You will find

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

We are One

Made of the same light
Made of the same love
We are

The Wonder of love

Love is everywhere
Look, feel, touch
Love is all and all is love
Even pain hides man’s love
Love is the reason for being
The reason of  war and peace
Love is the cure for everything
Take it
Feel it
Spread it
Then from love you come
And to love you will go back

Poème de Mikel


Understanding everything
Means understanding all aspects of humanity
In all domains

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


We all are
All animals
All plants
All rocks
In the infinite small
Space and energy we are
In many ways
Energy equals consciousness
Understand that
To understand that we are one
Consider this planet as a whole body
Each living entity is a cell

Work together in a love direction
You should
If you don’t want the whole body to die

Respect other beings
From all other species
At the moment
Humans are acting like a cancer
Killing everything
Killing everyone

When the cancer kills the body
The cancer kills itself

When the body dies
The cancer die with it
the microcosm
Is in the macrocosm
The macrocosm
Is in the microcosm
And again

It is too late
This world
Is just another world
Infinite worlds
Exist in infinite universes
That because of the laws
Is totally free
To kill
Who cares?
Only you!
If understand
Reincarnation you can
Then undersand
That your future life
You are killing
You can
Changing your way of living
You should do
Save the planet
Save yourself

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

How crazy are you ?

Totally crazy I am

My madness
I prefer
To yours

We are free
To choose
Our madness

Choose yours
I will choose mine

Let’s see
Where love

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Change of radio station

People of the earth
A new radio station has been created
From two brothers
A new station has emerged
Listen our new station
Change your life
Change yourself.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The truth

Knowledge, books
They all are the truth
All have been written by you
Depending on your universe
Some of them are more acceptable
But they all are the truth
Each universe is a truth
The truth you want
Is the real one for you
The truth you can choose
And what you choose
Reality becomes
There is one truth
And there is no truth
Because all truths
You are
Your truth
As I am
And because
One we are
Every truth
We are
Acceptance of all truths
Means acceptance of all universes
Means being one
With the entire universe
Means being one with the infinite consciousness
Means being me
Means being you
Is acceptance of all the other universes
Attention in the present moment
Beginning with your own universe
Attention to the other universes
Then infinite attention
To the other universes;
Then all universes you become
Because the same love
The same energy
We all are
When totally merged with other universes
It could be other human being,
It could be nature beings,
It could be any other beings
It could be animals, could be plants, could be minerals,
It could be universes or things or beings you have created
Like God,
You experience
What you really are.
Being what you really are
Is the most profound experience
Any being can have.
It is divine
Because divine we are
When we say
Be what you are
It means
Understand and feel God
Inside you
Understand and feel God
Inside everything
Understand and feel God
Inside me.
And everything
Is a mirror of what we are.
This flower you like
Because it is another you
Feel how beautiful it is
Feel what it is feeling
Become this flower
This mountain is beautiful
Feel how it is wonderful to be a mountain
This human is beautiful
Feel how it is to be him
Fall in love with him
Feel and understand his universe
He is you
As you are him.
means feeling the energy
In the present moment
Is being conscious
In the present moment
There is no energy in the past
And there is no energy in the future
Because memories and projections
They are
Consciousness, energy
In the present moment
You can find
The love
Burning inside you
Is consciousness
Of this present moment
The more consciousness you are
The more love is burning
The more in love
With everyone
And everything
You are.
So, the truth is
You are
The truth

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


You can’t see him
But he can see you
You can’t touch him
But he is touching you
You can’t hear him
But he is listening to you
You can’t even imagine him
But he imagined you
You can feel him
And he feels you

Follow him
Listen to him


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Listen to your body

Love to your body
Feel the flow of energy
Inside him
Listen to him
Be happy with him
He will love you too.
Many pleasures
You can have with him
Doing sports,
Making love,
Understand his universe
Understand his needs
Understand what he is.
Like you
He has his own universe
His own consciousness
All your senses
Is his senses too
Because a part of your universe
He is sharing with you.
You are not him
And he is not you
But part of him is you
And part of you is him.
This wonderful host
Is beautiful
Is main function
Is to move you
Is to make you feel
Through the senses
Is main function
Is to allow you
To live
In this physical plan
If you kill him,
He will kill you !
Understand that he is your friend
Not your enemy
You need him
As he needs you
Like best friends
A symbiotic relationship
Is how you live together.
In reality
Two species you are.
The only thing is
Most people don’t know that
Like corals and zooxanthella
Like bacterias and human
Symbiotic relationship
Is the relation between you
And your body.
Your body
You are not.
Your mind
You are not.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


I am
The creator.
I am
The Infinite consciousness.
I am
The builder.
I am
The explorer.
I am
The developer.
I am the programmer.
Infinite numbers of universes
I am creating.
The microcosm
Is in the macrocosm
And the macrocosm
Is in the microcosm
Is me,
I am
Every thing.
Every being
Is a universe
Every universe
Is a being
Is a universe
Every universe
Is everything
I am Symmetry
I am mathematics
I am art
I am love
I am everything
I am every being
I am Adam
I am Jesus
I am Buddha
I am Gandhi
I am Michael Angelo
I am Leonard da Vinci
The laws of the universes
I am creating
With you, with me
I am expansionist
I am free
I am the infinite
In all directions.
I am fast
At the speed of the light
I am moving
The light
I am.
Through you
I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Me, you, time and space and the universe

The messages of all the interfaces are transmitted in the consciousness of the group
Expansion of the consciousness means better connexion, more streaming to your group of consciousness
Love means more connexion, more streaming to your group of consciousness
Falling in love
Means recognize the other
In the same consciousness group
Means recognize
The other
As another you
When in love
With everything
And everyone
You are
You understand
That everything
Is you
This is enlightenment
And more love you send and receive
More enlightened you become
Because more connected you are
More you are
More connected you are
More the Love you are
Human, as an object
Is a body-antenna object
Enlightenment means a bigger connexion to your group of consciousness
Angels, beings, fairy are other beings from your group of consciousness
Many groups you will find
In all universe
Other beings from your group
Any object are attracted
In a magnetic way
Falling in love
Means recognize
Object from your group
Love is the key
Love is the link
When you love someone or something
Means you are this person or this thing
Could be another human,
Could be a statue
Could be any object you love
When two humans are creating a baby
They are creating a new object,
A new consciousness
Which is the copy and the merge of the consciousness
Of the parents
Physical reality is the genes
Consciousness reality is a new baby in the consciousness group
Each time
A human being understands something
Each time a human being is growing
The class of all human being is changed a little
So, next babies will receive new parameters, new definition
This is why
Human beings are adapting more and more
To their environment
Like all other class, like all other group of consciousness
Plants, animals, etc.
The prototype is changing by little steps
This is how evolution is working
This is how species are created since the beginning.
This is why a critical mass of enlightened persons
Is changing the world
In a way
No one can imagine

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The Self

In the mirror of our souls
The Self you will see
Infinite Power
Infinite Force
Infinite Love
Creator of this world
Creator of all universes
Infinite Consciousness is what we are
Infinite time
Infinite potentiality
Infinite creativity
Any beings, any animals, humans, plants, rocks, any things
Are made of me
Cells of me you are
My body you are
What you are
To understand
To understand
Duplication of me
You are
Look at you
Look in the mirror of your life
And understand
What you are
Through you
Living I am
Through you
Living we are
Through you
Experiencing we are
Growing we are
Expansion of the one
Is the expansion of the whole
Expansion of one cell is the expansion of the whole
When you grow
I grow
When you create
I create
Inside the heart of each man
Genius of infinite consciousness you will find
Sleeping or awakened
You are
You I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Oh, Love
I am your servant.
I am spreading,
You, I am spreading
to everyone,
You, I am spreading,
Every time.
Any action
Any thought
Is from You
Inside everything
You are
Inside everyone
You are
The truth
You are
You are
I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Imagine your world

The world
As you want it to be
The paradise
Any details
What you imagine
Reality become.
Careful what you imagine
Connect the right radio station
Choose well your thoughts.
Free you are
To choose
The thousands thoughts
You are receiving
Every minutes.
The ones you choose
Will become reality.
So, choose carrefuly
You can change
Of radio station
With music
With arts
With meditation
With sports
With friends
With lover
Stay positive
Stay with positive persons
Stay with positive environement
If understand
This poem
You can

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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