Bottle in the sea.

Hey you! Come, come here, Don't be shy, Please, read this text, And imagine, That you, in another space and time, Have writen this poem. Imagine, that this text, Is a mirror, Of what you … [Read more...]

What we are we become

From darkness to light From chaos to organization From ugliness to beauty From ordinary to perfection From hate to love From egoism to compassion From “I am” to “We are” From lies to … [Read more...]

The truth

You cannot find the truth Only the mind will seek the truth. What you can Is become The truth. Because The truth You are Already. Look inside you And understand What you are Poème de … [Read more...]


For the mind Process brings the conclusion. For god The conclusion comes first. For this reason Vision comes first. For this reason Like yoda I am speaking Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]


We have no enemies We have only friends, Because We are one With any being With any organization. We love you Anything you have done Anything you will do Anything you are Anything you will … [Read more...]


Suddenly, everything froze Connected we became Everything stopped Mind stopped, Time disappeared Infinite love, quiet love, Peace, infinity, calm, quietness appeared The body was totally … [Read more...]


Understand The magic of a Book The magic of a Poem The magic of a Song The magic of a Mantra The magic of a Photograph The magic of a Painting Yes Alive they are Yes Indestructible They … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Develop Love to your body Feel the flow of energy Inside him Listen to him Be happy with him He will love you too. Many pleasures You can have with him Doing sports, Making love, Understand … [Read more...]

In love I fall

Today, With your soul In love, I fall Today, your light I have seen You are so beautiful Understand me I am not talking about your body I am not talking about your mind I am talking about … [Read more...]