The choice

Every day With our choice Of people Of projects Of priorities We are creating our world Every day With our choice Of thoughts Of beliefs Of experiences We are building our … [Read more...]


The question is : What can you really share? Because If you could share everything Instantly You would become God You would become Enlightened. This what god is doing He is sharing love He … [Read more...]

What you think

Be careful what you think Because, what you think Becomes reality. Be careful of your environment Because Your environment Merges with you. Choose the people Near you, Because what they … [Read more...]

When you disappear

When Disappeared You have When nothing You become When transparent You become When complete surrender You have. Then Your environment You become Music You become Flowers You … [Read more...]

Intelligence, definition

Intelligence, cleverness Is the ability to assimilate knowledge The more you assimilate, The more you integrate Quickly The more clever you are The same action In the same environment Will … [Read more...]

Me, you, time and space and the universe

The messages of all the interfaces are transmitted in the consciousness of the group Expansion of the consciousness means better connexion, more streaming to your group of consciousness Love means … [Read more...]