Waiting for love

I dreamed about you And suddenly, you appeared. How is that possible? Yes, I created you Yes, you created me. Can you believe it? Let me say this: Whatever we think comes into being In a … [Read more...]

Brother of love

Oh Brother Brother of love Brother of faith, The first one you were The last one you will be From this world It is just the beginning Of our story Of our experience Many masters we will … [Read more...]

Enlightenment Day

Oh Baby Do you realize That you awakened me When suddenly My love, you reflected The 20th of November Of love, I died Infinite gratitude For your heart Infinite gratitude For your … [Read more...]


The more connected You are The more You receive The more You can give Because What you give Is what you receive What you receive Is what you give Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun The … [Read more...]

New Universe

How to connect To a new universe The only thing You have to do Is to merge with it Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]