The mirror

A mirror of myself I have found
Every time I shine, he shine back
When I love, he loves back
Giving to him is giving to me
Through infinite sharing we grow together
Find the mirror in every body
Reflect your unconditional loves
If ones goes higer, the other goes with
Finding this mirrors is finding your self
Look inside and see the beauty
It’s you
It’s me
We are

poème de Brahmadev / poem by Brahmadev


You can’t see him
But he can see you
You can’t touch him
But he is touching you
You can’t hear him
But he is listening to you
You can’t even imagine him
But he imagined you
You can feel him
And he feels you

Follow him
Listen to him


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Listen to your body

Love to your body
Feel the flow of energy
Inside him
Listen to him
Be happy with him
He will love you too.
Many pleasures
You can have with him
Doing sports,
Making love,
Understand his universe
Understand his needs
Understand what he is.
Like you
He has his own universe
His own consciousness
All your senses
Is his senses too
Because a part of your universe
He is sharing with you.
You are not him
And he is not you
But part of him is you
And part of you is him.
This wonderful host
Is beautiful
Is main function
Is to move you
Is to make you feel
Through the senses
Is main function
Is to allow you
To live
In this physical plan
If you kill him,
He will kill you !
Understand that he is your friend
Not your enemy
You need him
As he needs you
Like best friends
A symbiotic relationship
Is how you live together.
In reality
Two species you are.
The only thing is
Most people don’t know that
Like corals and zooxanthella
Like bacterias and human
Symbiotic relationship
Is the relation between you
And your body.
Your body
You are not.
Your mind
You are not.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


I am
The creator.
I am
The Infinite consciousness.
I am
The builder.
I am
The explorer.
I am
The developer.
I am the programmer.
Infinite numbers of universes
I am creating.
The microcosm
Is in the macrocosm
And the macrocosm
Is in the microcosm
Is me,
I am
Every thing.
Every being
Is a universe
Every universe
Is a being
Is a universe
Every universe
Is everything
I am Symmetry
I am mathematics
I am art
I am love
I am everything
I am every being
I am Adam
I am Jesus
I am Buddha
I am Gandhi
I am Michael Angelo
I am Leonard da Vinci
The laws of the universes
I am creating
With you, with me
I am expansionist
I am free
I am the infinite
In all directions.
I am fast
At the speed of the light
I am moving
The light
I am.
Through you
I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Is the way
I am living
Through you
Experiencing with you
Living with you
Living inside of you
Pure consciousness
Without shakti
Can’t experiment
Love is the key
Love is the key
With love
Real life we can have
Don t forget that your life
Is my life
Respect your environment
Respect other beings
Respect your body
Respect you
And you will respect
And you will live

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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