Imagine, 7 billions of people enlightened, Living together, Loving each other, Creating each other, Creating the new world, Of happiness, Of consciousness. Come with us brothers, Come with … [Read more...]

The dream

I had a dream Together Alone Together One Together Some days Together We will share Sacred days Together Merging days Together Knowledge I will give you The truth I will give you To … [Read more...]


Mysteries Life should keep Secrets Life should keep Because Sacred Life and Knowledge Are Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]

Come with me

Inside our universe You are welcome This universe Is full of love Is full of light Is full of joy Is full of happyness Is full of life Is full of adventure Is full of consciousness Is full … [Read more...]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love Is what you are, Understand and feel What you are, In the mirrors, Of the others. Find a mirror, Send your love And see what happens If in love you fall Reflection of your … [Read more...]

The truth

Knowledge, books They all are the truth All have been written by you Depending on your universe Some of them are more acceptable But they all are the truth Because Each universe is a truth The … [Read more...]

Intelligence, definition

Intelligence, cleverness Is the ability to assimilate knowledge The more you assimilate, The more you integrate Quickly The more clever you are The same action In the same environment Will … [Read more...]


Oh Brother Today, We have found our Tantric brother Light, love, knowledge We will share with you Yes, we know That we are dreaming us But, A wonderful dream We are Joy, happiness, peace Is … [Read more...]

Oh Lama

How beautiful is is To be with you. When your love Is our love When your light Is our light Passion, energy Is flowing. Thank you so much For your peace, Thank you For your love. So … [Read more...]