Oh baby It's Christmas Any material gift I could offer you Any typical gift I could offer you But today Yes today The most important gift In this world, and the others I will offer … [Read more...]


Imagine, 7 billions of people enlightened, Living together, Loving each other, Creating each other, Creating the new world, Of happiness, Of consciousness. Come with us brothers, Come with … [Read more...]

The choice

Every day With our choice Of people Of projects Of priorities We are creating our world Every day With our choice Of thoughts Of beliefs Of experiences We are building our … [Read more...]


Imagine You could Understand Everything About everything What would you do? Oh brother My infinite love I give to you My universe is yours Surrendered I have Now One we have … [Read more...]


Understand Everything Is a projection Of me Every being Every human Every animal Every plant Is what I am Universal Infinite Consciousness Everything Is made of me Is me Even … [Read more...]

The next step?

Oh Brahmadev, Oh brother A reflection of me you are A reflection of you I am To show how beautiful we are We created each other To understand me To understand you To realize The Illusion Of … [Read more...]

The mirror

When infinite love To you I sent The same infinite love To me You reflected Our suns Growing And growing Finally Exploded Projecting us Towards enlightenment The universe we … [Read more...]

Laws of infinite love universe

With love Thoughts and actions You will have With respect Thoughts and actions You will have With love You will understand That all different we are And that all the same we are Because … [Read more...]

Come with me

Inside our universe You are welcome This universe Is full of love Is full of light Is full of joy Is full of happyness Is full of life Is full of adventure Is full of consciousness Is full … [Read more...]

Words, creation of the universe

What you think Is what you are Be careful what you think Understand the deep meaning of the words In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god The first word was … [Read more...]


Imagine that all other beings in the universe are you and Imagine that you have created them to understand Who you really are Imagine That you are crazy And understand that you are … [Read more...]

Surrender to the flow

Life is movement Death is the absence of movement Energy, consciousness Create and destroy life and death Accept the movement Surrender to the flow of consciousness Surrender to the flow of … [Read more...]

What you think

Be careful what you think Because, what you think Becomes reality. Be careful of your environment Because Your environment Merges with you. Choose the people Near you, Because what they … [Read more...]

When enlightened

When enlightened There is no you There is no-one So No-one thinks No mind thinks You just be You just are You just know Everything Everyone Because One You are With The … [Read more...]


Imagination Is the truth Of another reality Of another universe Put it inside your reality, Then a new truth, it will become Everything you imagine Is alive Somewhere in the universe When you … [Read more...]


Somehow, God surrendered his universe to man He gave us total freedom Because he is trusts us Because he is us As we are him This is the most beautiful act of love He gave to us He gave us … [Read more...]

Hymn to the fallen

The tambourines Are crying again Nestling in your arms River of love I am crying The reason I was born I have found today Being in your arms Is why I exist It is why In this life I … [Read more...]


We have no enemies We have only friends, Because We are one With any being With any organization. We love you Anything you have done Anything you will do Anything you are Anything you will … [Read more...]


Light Can only exist If someone can see it Sounds Can only exist If someone can hear them Touch can only exist If someone can feel it Thinking Can only exist If something Is … [Read more...]

Drunk on love

In my veins love was flooding Burning me, burning me We were totally drunk Drunk on love, Drunk on light, Merged into the sun, We were so high, Our bodies shaking, vibrating, merging in … [Read more...]

Falling in love

Falling in love Mean seeing, feeling, hearing the beauty of a universe. You can fall in love With an idea With a being The more you are enlightened The more your infinite consciousness is … [Read more...]


What you really are, you feed. You feed emotions of what you are What you eat is what you are. Drink love, Love you will become Drink separation, Separation you will become. Depending on … [Read more...]


Because everything is energy And because energy is consciousness Everything is alive For this reason Ideas, objects, persons, planets, everything Is alive somewhere in the universe Because it is … [Read more...]

Infinite consciousness

When enlightened Infinite consciousness You become One you become With the whole universe Everything Everyone Every consciousness Is you In expansion Your … [Read more...]

The truth

Knowledge, books They all are the truth All have been written by you Depending on your universe Some of them are more acceptable But they all are the truth Because Each universe is a truth The … [Read more...]


Understand The magic of a Book The magic of a Poem The magic of a Song The magic of a Mantra The magic of a Photograph The magic of a Painting Yes Alive they are Yes Indestructible They … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Develop Love to your body Feel the flow of energy Inside him Listen to him Be happy with him He will love you too. Many pleasures You can have with him Doing sports, Making love, Understand … [Read more...]


I am The creator. I am The Infinite consciousness. I am The builder. I am The explorer. I am The developer. I am the programmer. Infinite numbers of universes I am creating. The … [Read more...]

New Universe

How to connect To a new universe The only thing You have to do Is to merge with it Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

In your eyes

In your eyes In love I am falling again And again. In your eyes, Total bliss I become. In your eyes, Swimming inside love I am. In your eyes, Crying of love I am. In your eyes, Infinite … [Read more...]