Oh baby
It’s Christmas

Any material gift
I could offer you
Any typical gift
I could offer you

But today
Yes today
The most important gift
In this world, and the others
I will offer you:

Oh baby
With this poem
In this moment
Before God, and before the Angels
My heart
I offer to you
My infinite love
I share with you

Come with me
Into the light of our merging bodies

Come with me
Discover the space of this new universe

Our love, this power
Is the most precious gift
In the whole universe

With this power
With this love
Becomes possible

With this power
With this love
Every dream
Becomes true

With this power
With this love
What we really are
We can discover

With this power
With this love
The whole universe
Was created

This infinite power
This infinite love
The power
The love

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun



7 billions of people enlightened,
Living together,
Loving each other,
Creating each other,
Creating the new world,
Of happiness,
Of consciousness.
Come with us brothers,
Come with us sisters,
Join our movement of life,
Join our movement of love,
Millions of enlightened beings,
Working together,
Millions of Mozart,
Millions of Leonard da Vinci,
Millions of Einstein,
Millions of Ramana Maharshi,
Not only the new world on earth,
But a new whole universe,
Of genius,
Of living gods,
Exploring new forms of life,
Understanding new forms of knowledge,
Create new technologies,
Create new sciences,
Create new economy,
Create new arts,
Create new gods.
Come on
Come on, baby,
Come with us.
Let’s create our destiny,
Let’s create the present.
Let’s be,
What we really are.
Let’s be,
The love,
Let’s be
The light,
Let’s be
The life.



Poem by Kundun/ Poème de Kundun

The choice

Every day
With our choice
Of people
Of projects
Of priorities
We are creating our world

Every day
With our choice
Of thoughts
Of beliefs
Of experiences
We are building our universe

This it is all of these choices
Which bring us
Day after day
To the Here and Now

That we are free
To choose
The people
The environment
The universe
Which make us happy

Define your universe
Choose !

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun



You could
About everything

What would you do?

Oh brother
My infinite love
I give to you
My universe is yours
Surrendered I have

One we have become

I have the freedom
To say yes
You can do what you want
With my universe
Because infinite trust
I have for you
I have the freedom
To give you my freedom
And to trust you

One we have become

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Is a projection
Of me
Every being
Every human
Every animal
Every plant
Is what I am
Infinite Consciousness
Is made of me
Is me
Even countries
Even organizations
Are projections of what we all are
Infinite consciousness

Even association, companies, countries
Which are groups of men
Like groups of cells
Are projections of what we are

Life is everywhere
On all levels
All beings
All groups of beings
All groups of me
Are me
Acting like me
We are life

It means Surviving
It means growing Again and again
It means developing
It means learning
It means exploring
It means creating
It means destroying

In expansion
I am

In expansion
We all are

Look at the world
Look at us
The expansion of one cell
Is the expansion of the whole
The development of one cell
Is the development of the whole
Exponential expansion we are

Each of us is working for the whole
For this reason
Each action
Should be in the right direction
Think of life
Think of what we are doing
Each moment of our life
Each action in the right direction
Is good for mankind
Is good for the whole

We all are
In expansion
All the universe
All beings
All groups of beings
All me

Understand this
Understand me

Every me
Is going to
Look at the evolution
Of mankind
Look at the evolution
Of nature
Of animals
Of life

Every being
Is so perfect
Is so beautiful
Is so full of life

Makes us perfect

Creation, destruction
Makes us perfect

I am Shiva
I am creation
I am destruction
I am you

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun

The next step?

Oh Brahmadev, Oh brother
A reflection of me you are
A reflection of you I am
To show how beautiful we are
We created each other
To understand me
To understand you
To realize
The Illusion
Of the universe

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

The mirror

When infinite love
To you
I sent
The same infinite love
To me
You reflected
Our suns
And growing
Projecting us
Towards enlightenment
The universe we became

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Laws of infinite love universe

With love
Thoughts and actions
You will have
With respect
Thoughts and actions
You will have
With love
You will understand
That all different we are
And that all the same we are
Because one
We are

You will give
To any being
Every being is free

To think or not to think
To act or not to act
To move or not to move
To share or not to share
To have faith or not to have faith
To trust or not to trust
To love or not to love
To create or not to create
To destroy or not to destroy
To be or not to be
To choose or not to choose
Every being is free
To be free

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Come with me

Inside our universe
You are welcome

This universe
Is full of love
Is full of light
Is full of joy
Is full of happyness
Is full of life
Is full of adventure
Is full of consciousness
Is full of knowledge
Is full of beauty
Is full of compassion

If you want
Inside this universe
You can enter

Don’t bring your ego
Don’t bring your doubts
Don’t bring your fears

Clean we want to stay
Understand us
Understand that free we are
And free we want to stay
We invite you
In this temple of peace
You are free
We love you

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Words, creation of the universe

What you think
Is what you are
Be careful what you think
Understand the deep meaning of the words
In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god
The first word was “love”
Because love is god as god is love
Love is what we are
Then, god created more words
The second word was light
Then the big bang appeared
The third word was planets
The fourth word was air
The fifth word was water
Then plants were created
Then Animals were created
Then Adam and Eve were created
Each root word
Is developed in many other words
Each time god created a word, the reality of the word was created too
Because reality is what we think
As an incarnation of god, we create concepts in the same way
The microcosm is in the macrocosm and the macrocosm is in the microcosm
Plants and animals developed in many species
Then Adam was developed into the word “father” then “brother”, Eve into the word “mother” then “sister”
Minerals, Air, developed in many different ways too
Like a huge tree
Any word
Comes from the one, from the root
For this reason
Some words are very powerful
Some of them are the roots of the world
When roots you become
God you become
Then one you become
Then understanding

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


that all other beings
in the universe
are you

that you have created them
to understand
Who you really are

That you are crazy

And understand that you are not

What you cannot understand

The beauty
Of your creation

The immensity
Of what you are

Your infinity


Gods of gods

Understand universes

To understand

Infinite levels
Of understanding
For infinite beings
In Infinite directions
For infinite life
In infinite space
If understand that you can
Then you know,
We are.

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Surrender to the flow

Life is movement
Death is the absence of movement
Energy, consciousness
Create and destroy life and death
Accept the movement
Surrender to the flow of consciousness
Surrender to the flow of energy
Feel and understand the direction
Feel and understand groups of consciousness
Feel and understand the movement of consciousness
Understand how
An infinity of universes
Are merging
Are separating
Understand how intentions
Move your universe
Move all the universes
Is the reception of a particular group of consciousness
Choose your intention
Surrender to the best group for you
Depending on what you have understood
About who you really are
Follow the flow
Follow the river of love
Feel everywhere
Feel everything
Feel everyone
In the same flow
We all are
Because one
We are.
It Could be a song,
It Could a perfume,
It Could be a landscape,
It Could be a being,
With the flow you choose
Magnetic attraction
To beauty
Means magnetic attraction
To what you are.
Because what you love
Is what you are
And what you are
Is what you love
An infinite number of things
An infinite number of beings
An infinite number of human
You can love
All of them
The sum of all universes
Is the definition
In expansion I am
In love
With myself
I am
Because all universes
Are merging
And merging
Because all universes
Are creating new universes
Every second
An infinite number of ideas
An infinite number of beings
An infinite number of everything is created
An infinite number of mes is created
An infinite number of yous is created
This is why
Infinite we are
Infinite we were
Infinite we will be
We are auto-creating ourselves
This is how
In expansion
We are
All of us
Because every being is in the flow
Every being is in expansion.
The macrocosm is in the microcosm
And the microcosm is in the macrocosm
Each time your consciousness grows
Your universe grows
Like the whole universe

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

What you think

Be careful what you think
Because, what you think
Becomes reality.
Be careful of your environment
Your environment
Merges with you.
Choose the people
Near you,
Because what they are,
You are becoming.
The more your consciousness grows
The more you should listen to your inner voice
The more you should be careful
Of your environment.
Because the higher you go
The more you are sensitive to all universes
The more you will drink all universes.
Choose the universe
You want to drink.
You are free to choose
Listen to your environment
Listen the people around you
What are they spreading?
Do you like that?
Are you in love with them?
Don’t accept pollution
Accept love only.
Think about what you are
About what the other universes are
What do you want to become?
Allows you to see clearly
Without reaction.
Allows you to understand
To feel
The situation
The people.
Do not allow
Any negative thoughts
Any separate thoughts
To enter your mind.
Accept only positive and love thoughts
Every thought is alive
In the universe
Drink only the best

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

When enlightened

When enlightened
There is no you
There is no-one
No-one thinks
No mind thinks
You just be
You just are
You just know
You are
The whole
A spectator
You have become
We are
The movie

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Is the truth
Of another reality
Of another universe
Put it inside your reality,
Then a new truth, it will become
Everything you imagine
Is alive
Somewhere in the universe
When you capture imagination
You just bring it to your pseudo-reality
Life is a dream
Where you can connect with other dreams
Is the bridge
All dreams are truth
All imagined things
All imagined movie or books
Are the truth
Are real universes
The other universes,
The others realities are as alive as yours
They are all connected
This is what happens when you dream
You are just changing reality
You are changing dreams
And what you could do
Is to decide which dream
You want to live
Choose your dream
You are free
You are free

poème de Kundun / poem by Kundun


God surrendered his universe to man
He gave us total freedom
Because he is trusts us
Because he is us
As we are him
This is the most beautiful act of love
He gave to us
He gave us life and freedom
This is the best thing a father can do
For his children
Understand that
Act with love and responsibility
What you receive
Is divine
Understand this infinite love
Understand him
Understand yourself

poème de Kundun / poem by Kundun

Hymn to the fallen

The tambourines
Are crying again

Nestling in your arms
River of love
I am crying

The reason I was born
I have found today

Being in your arms
Is why I exist
It is why
In this life
I came back
So many years
I was searching for you

When your heart
Feels my heart
When your arms
Are around me
When you are very near me
I cease to exist
The universe we become
Everything stops
Time stops
Total bliss emerges
I become
I become
I become
Even death my friend
I Become
Ego and mind disappear
Only god
Only love
Only us

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


We have no enemies
We have only friends,
We are one
With any being
With any organization.

We love you
Anything you have done
Anything you will do
Anything you are
Anything you will be
Any being
From any religion and
From no religion
We all love you

Part of us
You are
Your universe
We can understand.
Your universe
We will merge with.
Part of the all
You are.

We understand you
Because us
You are.
Absolute love
We are.

We may seem different,
But the same we are
Only the mind and the ego
Can create filters.

We need you,
As you need us.
We respect you
We respect your being
We respect your freedom
Because we respect ourselves.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Can only exist
If someone can see it
Can only exist
If someone can hear them
Touch can only exist
If someone can feel it
Can only exist
If something
Is conscious

Are incarnations of god
Even a rock, a plant, an animal, a human
Is full of gods
Full of consciousness
Gods need us
To live
As we need them
To live
If all beings in the universe disappear
Gods disappear
If no one has faith
If no consciousness exists
The power of gods diminish
Faith and love
Give power
Faith and love
Are the expansion process
The microcosm is in the macrocosm
And the macrocosm is in the microcosm
Love between humans expands their consciousness
Love between humans and gods expands their consciousness
Because humans are incarnation of gods,
Because they are the same,
the same processes are working
Artists, spiritualists need the love of others to grow.
Love is all we need
The mirror of life
The more you send love,
The more love you receive
The more your consciousness expands
In the entire universe.
The more gods receive love,
From human to human
From human to god
The more love flows
The more the universe expands
The more consciousness is expanding
Because the entire universe is made of consciousness
Made of energy
Made of us
Made of love
This is why
The infinite love foundation
Helps beings
To love each other
It is the best thing
Someone or an organization
Can do
Help people to love more
More love
Means more consciousness
Means more gods
Means more creation
Means more expansion
This is what infinite is
It is expansion
Of us
God is constructing himself
Through us
Using the love
As energy
This is how mankind has been growing
For millions of years
Love is the key
Created in this world
And the others
Have been created by love
The first human love
Was the love between Adam and Eve
Then love between father and son,
Then love between mother and son
Then love between brother and sisters
Then love between grandparent and grandson/daughter
The first love in nature
Was the creation of planets, rocks and animals
Then humans, as an incarnation of god
Created art
For love of beauty
Then humans
Sought inventions
For the love of the knowledge.
Knowledge and invention are the discovery of the laws
How to use them
Then humans
Go to understand other humans and god
This love is compassion
It is the love of others
It is the love of what we are
The entire universe
was created
by love.
Love is what we are
What we were
What we will be

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Drunk on love

In my veins love was flooding
Burning me, burning me
We were totally drunk
Drunk on love,
Drunk on light,
Merged into the sun,
We were so high,
Our bodies shaking, vibrating, merging in love,
The universe we became

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Falling in love

Falling in love
Mean seeing, feeling, hearing the beauty of a universe.
You can fall in love
With an idea
With a being
The more you are enlightened
The more your infinite consciousness is able
To see the beauty
To understand and feel the beauty.

This is why enlightened beings
Fall in love
With everything and everyone.
They can see
They understand

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


What you really are, you feed.

You feed emotions of what you are
What you eat is what you are.
Drink love,
Love you will become
Drink separation,
Separation you will become.

Depending on what you drink
What you are will change.

Stay in the flow of the river of love
And become this flow.

Your environment
Is very important
The people,
The places,
The thoughts,
The projects.

All other universes
Have a great impact on you
Choose the universes close to you
Because them
You become.

The more you are aware of the universes
The more you are enlightened
The more you are sensitive to the truth
The more information and knowledge
You perceve,
The more you are aware of.

That is why
It is vital to understand
The universes around you.

What you imagine,
What you understand
Is a part of your universe.

Whether or not it is the truth is no importance

Because what you think
Reality becomes
Anything you think.
if you think you are in a paradise with good people
There you will be.

Feel the love inside everyone
Love you will drink
Love you will eat.

Your actions or thoughts
Are what you are
Are what you become
Be careful what you think
Be careful what you do.

Like a transparent mirror
Like a chameleon
You become
Your environment.

It could be other beings
Or other universes.

Choose what you drink,
Choose what you want to be.

Understand who you really are
And move
To the right place
In the flow of love
And wait.

Will be fine,

Flows naturaly.

Infinite wealth,
In this river of love

You need,
You ask,
The world for,
This river of love

Understand the beings
Understand the universes
Around you
Share with them,
Love them,
Become them,
Be in the present moment

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Because everything is energy
And because energy is consciousness
Everything is alive
For this reason
Ideas, objects, persons, planets, everything
Is alive somewhere in the universe
Because it is alive
What you think
Where your attention is focused
Is going to happen
In the respect of the other laws of the universe
Being alive means being full of energy
Being dead means being without energy
A Living idea is an idea known by many
The more energy a person has
The more his ideas will become alive
And with enough energy
With enough consciousness
An idea, an organization, a song, a person, a country, a planet
Can be very alive
Being alive means being full of consciousness
Being alive means being full of energy
The organization Infinite love is helping planet Earth
Be more alive
Expanding the consciousness of all beings
The expansion of one
Is expansion of the whole
Because one
We are
Professor Hawkins
That only some masters level 1000
Could change
This world
Look what happened when Einstein
Discovered E=MC2
Look what happened when Leonard Da Vinci
Made so many discoveries

One genius
Can change
The world
How the world
Would change
With one million

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Infinite consciousness

When enlightened
Infinite consciousness
You become

One you become
With the whole universe
Every consciousness
Is you

In expansion
Your consciousness

In expansion
We all are

In expansion
This universe

The universe
The universe
Will become

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The truth

Knowledge, books
They all are the truth
All have been written by you
Depending on your universe
Some of them are more acceptable
But they all are the truth
Each universe is a truth
The truth you want
Is the real one for you
The truth you can choose
And what you choose
Reality becomes
There is one truth
And there is no truth
Because all truths
You are
Your truth
As I am
And because
One we are
Every truth
We are
Acceptance of all truths
Means acceptance of all universes
Means being one
With the entire universe
Means being one with the infinite consciousness
Means being me
Means being you
Is acceptance of all the other universes
Attention in the present moment
Beginning with your own universe
Attention to the other universes
Then infinite attention
To the other universes;
Then all universes you become
Because the same love
The same energy
We all are
When totally merged with other universes
It could be other human being,
It could be nature beings,
It could be any other beings
It could be animals, could be plants, could be minerals,
It could be universes or things or beings you have created
Like God,
You experience
What you really are.
Being what you really are
Is the most profound experience
Any being can have.
It is divine
Because divine we are
When we say
Be what you are
It means
Understand and feel God
Inside you
Understand and feel God
Inside everything
Understand and feel God
Inside me.
And everything
Is a mirror of what we are.
This flower you like
Because it is another you
Feel how beautiful it is
Feel what it is feeling
Become this flower
This mountain is beautiful
Feel how it is wonderful to be a mountain
This human is beautiful
Feel how it is to be him
Fall in love with him
Feel and understand his universe
He is you
As you are him.
means feeling the energy
In the present moment
Is being conscious
In the present moment
There is no energy in the past
And there is no energy in the future
Because memories and projections
They are
Consciousness, energy
In the present moment
You can find
The love
Burning inside you
Is consciousness
Of this present moment
The more consciousness you are
The more love is burning
The more in love
With everyone
And everything
You are.
So, the truth is
You are
The truth

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


The magic of a Book
The magic of a Poem
The magic of a Song
The magic of a Mantra
The magic of a Photograph
The magic of a Painting
Alive they are
They are
Yes a form of life
They are
Like a virus
Will spread
In any mind
For ever
Each creation
Is the creation of God
Because God you are
Each creation is a universe
Read it, listen to it
With you
It will merge
A part if you
It will be

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Listen to your body

Love to your body
Feel the flow of energy
Inside him
Listen to him
Be happy with him
He will love you too.
Many pleasures
You can have with him
Doing sports,
Making love,
Understand his universe
Understand his needs
Understand what he is.
Like you
He has his own universe
His own consciousness
All your senses
Is his senses too
Because a part of your universe
He is sharing with you.
You are not him
And he is not you
But part of him is you
And part of you is him.
This wonderful host
Is beautiful
Is main function
Is to move you
Is to make you feel
Through the senses
Is main function
Is to allow you
To live
In this physical plan
If you kill him,
He will kill you !
Understand that he is your friend
Not your enemy
You need him
As he needs you
Like best friends
A symbiotic relationship
Is how you live together.
In reality
Two species you are.
The only thing is
Most people don’t know that
Like corals and zooxanthella
Like bacterias and human
Symbiotic relationship
Is the relation between you
And your body.
Your body
You are not.
Your mind
You are not.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


I am
The creator.
I am
The Infinite consciousness.
I am
The builder.
I am
The explorer.
I am
The developer.
I am the programmer.
Infinite numbers of universes
I am creating.
The microcosm
Is in the macrocosm
And the macrocosm
Is in the microcosm
Is me,
I am
Every thing.
Every being
Is a universe
Every universe
Is a being
Is a universe
Every universe
Is everything
I am Symmetry
I am mathematics
I am art
I am love
I am everything
I am every being
I am Adam
I am Jesus
I am Buddha
I am Gandhi
I am Michael Angelo
I am Leonard da Vinci
The laws of the universes
I am creating
With you, with me
I am expansionist
I am free
I am the infinite
In all directions.
I am fast
At the speed of the light
I am moving
The light
I am.
Through you
I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

New Universe

How to connect
To a new universe
The only thing
You have to do
Is to merge with it

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

In your eyes

In your eyes
In love
I am falling again
And again.
In your eyes,
Total bliss
I become.
In your eyes,
Swimming inside love
I am.
In your eyes,
Crying of love
I am.
In your eyes,
Infinite tenderness
I am drinking.
In your eyes,
Infinite love,
Is burning my heart
In your eyes,
Your soul,
I am merging
In your eyes,
The whole universe
I have seen.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun