War with your body

Stop the war
You can stop the fire
Your enemy is your friend
Can’t you see?
Go to him
Listen to him
Understand why he is suffering
What he is trying to tell you
Be good with him
Love him
Your body
Is your best friend
He was here
The second you were born
He will be there when you will die
Each second of your life
He is with you
Helping you to live
Helping you to explore life
Listen to him
A team you are
Don’t fight him
Love him
Understand him
Declare peace
Understand his needs
He just wants to survive
Like you
Be good with him
Be careful how you nourish him
Be careful how you treat him
The pleasures
he is seeking
the rest
He needs
The peace
He needs
A wonderful host
He wants to be
A lot of pleasure he can give you
If you threat him well
War he can make
If you attack him
Your best friend he is
For this life
He is the host
You are his guest
Be fair with him
Love him
Enjoy him
Be polite with him
He always wants to help
He always wants to say yes
Take care of him
Only one best friend
You have
In this life

Poème de Kundun / Poem by kundun

Feed me

I need your love
Feed me
Allow me
To drink
The love in your voice,
The love in your eyes,
The love in your touch,
The love in your thoughts,
I need your love
I need your love
I need your love

Nourish my soul
Nourish my heart
And you will nourish

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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