A comme Amour, E comme Éveil

notre conscience, notre présence est comme un soleil qui irradie, qui illumine

Ce que nous sommes, notre conscience, notre présence est comme un soleil qui irradie, qui illumine. Il possède une certaine puissance. Il éclaire en fonction de son degré de conscience, de … [Read more...]

Bottle in the sea.

Hey you! Come, come here, Don't be shy, Please, read this text, And imagine, That you, in another space and time, Have writen this poem. Imagine, that this text, Is a mirror, Of what you … [Read more...]


Oh baby It's Christmas Any material gift I could offer you Any typical gift I could offer you But today Yes today The most important gift In this world, and the others I will offer … [Read more...]

A comme Amour

A comme Amour, Kundun 2012

  Avant de parler d’amour, posons nous la question : "Qui aime en nous ?". Si on considère que nous sommes des êtres constitués d’un corps physique, d’un corps mental et d’une âme, alors … [Read more...]

Touched by your grace

Touched by your grace I just disappeared Into the infinite flow Of infinite love You are a benediction Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

Waiting for love

I dreamed about you And suddenly, you appeared. How is that possible? Yes, I created you Yes, you created me. Can you believe it? Let me say this: Whatever we think comes into being In a … [Read more...]

Oh God

Oh God Your river of love I am drinking Oh God Full of you I am Oh God Totally drunk on your love I am Oh God Full of light I am Oh God I can't eat anymore Oh God I'm crying … [Read more...]

C comme Channeling

Channeling par Kundun, Juillet 2012

Le 'channeling' est une capacité de l'être humain qui lui permet de se connecter à une conscience afin de recevoir des informations. Les informations peuvent être reçues sous une infinité de formes … [Read more...]


Oh my love You are divine The second I received your love I just died, And the second after I began to live Oh my God, you are so beautiful! Since I have fallen in love with you The real … [Read more...]


Imagine You could Understand Everything About everything What would you do? Oh brother My infinite love I give to you My universe is yours Surrendered I have Now One we have … [Read more...]

Give me love

Give me love I will give you love Give me separation I will give you love I am a perfect mirror What you give Is what you receive What you receive Is what you give Poem by Kundun / poème … [Read more...]

Of love

Of love I am dying, baby Each time you touch me Each time you look at me Each time you talk to me Of infinite love I am dying Again and again I disappeared We appeared One We … [Read more...]

The truth

Understand Your truth You are choosing Understand Your beliefs You are choosing Understand Your reality You are creating By your choice of truths By your choice of beliefs Your … [Read more...]

Brother of love

Oh Brother Brother of love Brother of faith, The first one you were The last one you will be From this world It is just the beginning Of our story Of our experience Many masters we will … [Read more...]

Enlightenment Day

Oh Baby Do you realize That you awakened me When suddenly My love, you reflected The 20th of November Of love, I died Infinite gratitude For your heart Infinite gratitude For your … [Read more...]

Waiting for love

I dreamed about you And suddenly, you appeared. How is that possible? Yes, I created you Yes, you created me. Can you believe it? Let me say this: Whatever we think comes into being In a … [Read more...]

The Self

Today The Self I have seen Pure Love Infinite Love Pure light How wonderful we are How beautiful we are Today The Self I have seen In the mirror of the inner eyes Love Is the reflection of … [Read more...]

Infinite Love sur facebook

Vous pouvez désormais nous suivre sur facebook : actualités, événements, publications... http://www.facebook.com/infinitelove.amour.egalite.liberte … [Read more...]

Only love

Today The self I have seen Only Love Pure Love Infinite love Absolute love Powerful love Deep inside me The Self I have found This Sun of love Is reflecting This Sun of love Is … [Read more...]


Understand Everything Is a projection Of me Every being Every human Every animal Every plant Is what I am Universal Infinite Consciousness Everything Is made of me Is me Even … [Read more...]

So happy

In your arms So happy I was Your Infinite compassion Your infinite love Your infinite kindness I was feeling I was eatining I needed you so much And you needed me so much You were there for … [Read more...]


When the Power of God You receive When infinite Love You become Everything Possible Becomes Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]

Infinite Love

My Life I would give for you, Brother This kind of Love I have for you, Absolute, Infinite, Pure, Wonderful, Love Beyond words This love is divine It is god's love This love We are We … [Read more...]

The mirror

When infinite love To you I sent The same infinite love To me You reflected Our suns Growing And growing Finally Exploded Projecting us Towards enlightenment The universe we … [Read more...]


Imagine that all other beings in the universe are you and Imagine that you have created them to understand Who you really are Imagine That you are crazy And understand that you are … [Read more...]


Our universe Is made of energy Everything you touch Everything you see Everything you hear Everything is alive Everything you feel Everything is alive An idea A project A concept An … [Read more...]

What we are we become

From darkness to light From chaos to organization From ugliness to beauty From ordinary to perfection From hate to love From egoism to compassion From “I am” to “We are” From lies to … [Read more...]

The prophecy

When Jesus Meets Buddha When Buddha Meets Jesus When Love Meest love When the light Meets the light When infinite power Meets infinite powers Nuclear reactions Are arising Explosions of … [Read more...]

This morning

I will be there for you brother Your love I am feeling Need of you brother I am drinking Everywhere All the time I am here for you Attraction is equal On both sides of our beings Because One … [Read more...]

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love Is what you are, Understand and feel What you are, In the mirrors, Of the others. Find a mirror, Send your love And see what happens If in love you fall Reflection of your … [Read more...]