Kundun experience, Expérience de Kundun, September 2010

Le 23 septembre 2010 :


Here is my experiences of Shaktipat:

I used to program an alarm at 4:40 for waking up before the meditation.

For each meditation, I displayed a picture of Yogi Madan in the screens of my computer so I can see it. There is a Shiva sculpture too.

21 of September : 4:49 am

I choose a Lotus position and begin meditation with some special music. I choose “Tibetan Chakran Meditation”.

I noticed a lot of vibrations, mostly in the legs. I had some kriya with the legs. (the same Krya I have since one month). At the end, I saw the monuments of Paris.

I felt joy in this meditation.

with an open heart, photo Serge Briez ©

with an open heart, photo Serge Briez ©

22 of September : 4:52 am

Something strange happened, I dreamed that I was awakening at 4:36, and some moment after, I really awakened, it was 4:36 !

Just before the meditation, I received this poem :

“With an open heart

You will listen to the other

You will help them

To understand

Who they really are

They are Shiva


I choose a Lotus position and begin meditation. I choose some JS Bach music for this meditation,” Matthew Passion” CD.

This meditation was particularly quiet, lot of silence. 90 minutes seems 15 minutes. No kriyas, no movement, no pictures.

I felt one or two persons was slowly touching my chakras.

I felt all my body vibrate, not only legs but all the body. I experienced the same just before I wake up. It is as if I was connected with electricity.

There was joy in this meditation. After, I decided to go to sleep.

Just when I wake up, I realize that my dreams were more powerful, more real, I heard music, and my body was vibrating a lot.

During the day, I had the impression “to feel” the people in the street : It is a strange sensation as if I was an animal (like dog).

During my job I express a lot of love with all people I am in contact with, a Taxi man which trust god a lot, and others.

23 of September : 4:46 am

This time, I dreamed that I was late and that I was awaking at 5:10, then I really waked up, it was 4:39, so just one minute before the alarm ! It is very funny.

Maybe I have a good alarm inside me, lol.

I choose a Lotus position and begin meditation. I choose some JS Bach music for this meditation, Matthew Passion CD.

With this meditation I felt someone was slowly touching around my chakras too, maybe Heart Chakras.

No Kriyas, no body movement, but lot of Joy. I fell that everything is ok, everything is quiet, a sense of harmony and calm.

After meditation, I gone to sleep, then when I wake up I felt all my body vibrate like electricity, not only legs but all the body.

I will continue to write next experiences.

I have intuition that Shaktipat help the energy in all the body to flow. What is unexpected is the feeling that it changes something in the dreams too. Dreams seems more real, more powerful, but I didn’t memorized them a lot unfortunately.

24th of september :

“I write you this email, just to give you information about my experience of this morning :

As usual, I began to meditate, but this time was totally different :

The meditation was very very deep and I saw a lot of images from when I was very young. More than dozens scenes of my life when I was children between 1 year to 13 years.

I was able to see and smell. I don’t write in this email all the scene but I could if you want, just fell free to ask. (2 pages !)

One of the more interesting scene was when I was young. I remembered that I was flying a lot in my dreams. I remembered that I was flying and resting at the top of the roof of my house, seeing the stars in the night. It happened many times when I was young.

I understood with all the scenes that I have always been detached, (even when I was very young) from people dying or quitting me. This special character has always been strange to me. I understand now why I am so detached. (It is because we never really die.)

Also, I realized that I never had very bad experiences, this is why I am always very positive and with love.

The 90 minutes was like 15 minutes and I succeeded to stay in the lotus position 1 hour without moving, was great.

This is the first time I have access to this old memory, and curiously, I continued all day to have access to them.

In the end of the meditation, it was like I had memories when I was a foetus and I was not born yet, It was strange.

My body was vibrating a lot at the end.

Really, this meditation was as great as strange and unexpected !”

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