People Are a mix of Ego and Love Learn to see the truth Learn to see their hearts Understand their mental programing So you can help them To deprogram To be free To love To begin to … [Read more...]


Yes! Free we are Destroy the ego Freedom you will see Destroy the ego And understand What you really are Destroy the ego And understand That totally free You are Because Me You … [Read more...]

My own

Oh Brother Gift from god My Own You are Same feeling you have for own I have for you Enlightenment gift From God you are Each time I see you Each time I feel you Each time I think about … [Read more...]

The dream

I had a dream Together Alone Together One Together Some days Together We will share Sacred days Together Merging days Together Knowledge I will give you The truth I will give you To … [Read more...]


Mysteries Life should keep Secrets Life should keep Because Sacred Life and Knowledge Are Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]


Imagination Is the truth Of another reality Of another universe Put it inside your reality, Then a new truth, it will become Everything you imagine Is alive Somewhere in the universe When you … [Read more...]

The truth

You cannot find the truth Only the mind will seek the truth. What you can Is become The truth. Because The truth You are Already. Look inside you And understand What you are Poème de … [Read more...]

What we are

We are innocence, We are trust, We are truth, We are love, We are light, We Are Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]


When my truth, Becomes your truth When my love Becomes your love When my joy, Becomes your joy, When you, Become Me When I, Become you, Then, Brothers, We become Poème de … [Read more...]

The truth

Knowledge, books They all are the truth All have been written by you Depending on your universe Some of them are more acceptable But they all are the truth Because Each universe is a truth The … [Read more...]

Love is the truth

Oh brother The love We are Is the truth. This love Flowing in our veins Is the divine truth. Yes I am with you As you are with me Because One love And one truth We are. I am feeling So … [Read more...]