Hey baby,
There is no coincidence at all,
There is only law of cause and effects,
There is only signs,
There is only help.
Can’t you see?
When i am talking to you?
Can’t you see?

When i am seeing you?
Listen to me,
When through your experiences,
I am teaching you.
At school you are,
Tested you are,
Any second of your life.
The thoughts you choose,
The ideas you make yours,
The action you do.
Your response,
To my questions.
Every hour,

Every minute,
You project your consciousness,
In this world,
Then thoughts, ideas are reflecting to
Dissolve your ego,
Dissolve the person you are not,
And listen to me.
Always with you,
I am,
All the time.
The presence I am.
You can feel me,
Listen to me,
Come in the moment,
I am the presence,
I am the ‘now’, here.
Don’t follow the mind.
Come here, now.
Take a deep breath,
Make a pause,
Stay in the heart,
Stay in the love,
Be the feeling,
Be here,
Be now,

Poem by Kundun jan 2013

The truth

Your truth
You are choosing

Your beliefs
You are choosing
Your reality
You are creating

By your choice of truths
By your choice of beliefs
Your world
You are creating

But they are all true

Infinite possibilities
Infinite potentialities
You have

Your choices
Your beliefs
Reality become

Be careful what you choose
Your choices
Become your reality

You have the possibility
To choose love
You have the possibility
To choose unity
You have the possibility
To choose the best
For you
And for others

Your world
You can really change
By changing your beliefs
By changing your truths

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Please understand
That we all are
Antenna with body
We receive thoughts
From groups of consciousness
Like radios they are
You are free
To choose the station you want to listen to
You are free to act
As you wish
Be careful
Of your thoughts
Be careful
Of the station you want to listen to
The thoughts you choose
Are what you become
Understand that your spiritual path
Will bring you to the sky
The more you develop your antenna
The more you understand the universe
The more you understand yourself
The more you understand me
The more you understand that

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Laws of infinite love universe

With love
Thoughts and actions
You will have
With respect
Thoughts and actions
You will have
With love
You will understand
That all different we are
And that all the same we are
Because one
We are

You will give
To any being
Every being is free

To think or not to think
To act or not to act
To move or not to move
To share or not to share
To have faith or not to have faith
To trust or not to trust
To love or not to love
To create or not to create
To destroy or not to destroy
To be or not to be
To choose or not to choose
Every being is free
To be free

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Stay in the flow
Let Shiva do her job
Only the mind decides
Listen to your inner voice
Let things happen around you
Feel the touch
Feel the direction
Let the shakti move
Say yes
Why not?
Don’t say a word
Let them move
Let them offer
Watch the movie
Be the spectator
Play your part
Like an actor
Listen to the script
Every second
It is sent to you
Just listen
Just look at the signs
Do not decide
Let Shiva decide
Be very open
Say yes
And see
Only the mind chooses

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

What you think

Be careful what you think
Because, what you think
Becomes reality.
Be careful of your environment
Your environment
Merges with you.
Choose the people
Near you,
Because what they are,
You are becoming.
The more your consciousness grows
The more you should listen to your inner voice
The more you should be careful
Of your environment.
Because the higher you go
The more you are sensitive to all universes
The more you will drink all universes.
Choose the universe
You want to drink.
You are free to choose
Listen to your environment
Listen the people around you
What are they spreading?
Do you like that?
Are you in love with them?
Don’t accept pollution
Accept love only.
Think about what you are
About what the other universes are
What do you want to become?
Allows you to see clearly
Without reaction.
Allows you to understand
To feel
The situation
The people.
Do not allow
Any negative thoughts
Any separate thoughts
To enter your mind.
Accept only positive and love thoughts
Every thought is alive
In the universe
Drink only the best

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

About vision

What is a vision?

Vision is what we become
Like a seed becomes a tree
Like an egg becomes a bird
A vision is a projection of an evolution.
Man becomes god
Because he is a seed of god
Yes, men are free to choose what they want to be
When ego disappears
When individual thinking disappears
Then one we become
We merge with the whole
With planet earth
Then personal ego disappears
The ego of infinite consciousness appears
This ego gives direction
The vision of what this planet will become
Is not from one person
It is from the one
It is a projection of what earth will become
Yes, this vision is not unique
Other visions are possible
Many paths exist
But at the end, we all merge
It is very important to spread the vision
To spread the messages
Many highly spiritual people feel that the world is transforming
In very quickly
But, they don’t know the direction,
They don’t know the vision yet
Spreading the vision is the synchronization of beings
In the same direction
We must assume what we are
What we see, what we feel
Is the truth for many beings
Giving a vision does not reduce peopl’s freedom
They are totally free to understand or to accept the vision
But a world without a vision is a ship without direction
Giving direction
Giving vision
Is giving faith
Is giving hope
This is deeply needed for a lot of people
A vision will resonate inside millions of beings
A vision will help them to understand
A vision will help lead towards enlightenment
A vision will show us where we are headed
Any action
Any thought
Can be understood
In the right direction thanks to vision
Any company, any association, any country has a vision of what they are, of what they will become, depending on the expansion of consciousness
Yes, a young child doesn’t know what he will become
But, with expansion of his consciousness, he will soon understand
That he will be a man
Even if he has no idea of what exactly a man is, young boys knows that he will be a man.
In the same way, enlightened persons know that kind of god they
Are becoming, more and more
Without a vision, man will continue to walk on the path

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

How crazy are you ?

Totally crazy I am

My madness
I prefer
To yours

We are free
To choose
Our madness

Choose yours
I will choose mine

Let’s see
Where love

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

I am an antenna

You know what?
I discovered that I am an antenna
I have legs
I have a brain
I have a body,
But yes
An antenna
I am
You think I am fool?
Maybe I am
But maybe
I ‘m not
Go deep inside yourself
You are not your thoughts
See, you can watch them
See, you can stop them
You are not your body
Yes, you can move it
Yes, you can stop it
Listen to me
That you are like me
What you are not
To understand
What you really are
Understand to understand
An antenna merged with a body
Is what you are
Like a radio you are
The music
Are just receiving
Please understand
This music
Is not from you
This music
From infinite consciousness
You are free
You can change the radio station
Go to the love one
Go to the positive one
Be careful what station you choose
The music you hear
Is the music you become
I am a fool
But yes
You are a fool too
One we are

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The truth

Knowledge, books
They all are the truth
All have been written by you
Depending on your universe
Some of them are more acceptable
But they all are the truth
Each universe is a truth
The truth you want
Is the real one for you
The truth you can choose
And what you choose
Reality becomes
There is one truth
And there is no truth
Because all truths
You are
Your truth
As I am
And because
One we are
Every truth
We are
Acceptance of all truths
Means acceptance of all universes
Means being one
With the entire universe
Means being one with the infinite consciousness
Means being me
Means being you
Is acceptance of all the other universes
Attention in the present moment
Beginning with your own universe
Attention to the other universes
Then infinite attention
To the other universes;
Then all universes you become
Because the same love
The same energy
We all are
When totally merged with other universes
It could be other human being,
It could be nature beings,
It could be any other beings
It could be animals, could be plants, could be minerals,
It could be universes or things or beings you have created
Like God,
You experience
What you really are.
Being what you really are
Is the most profound experience
Any being can have.
It is divine
Because divine we are
When we say
Be what you are
It means
Understand and feel God
Inside you
Understand and feel God
Inside everything
Understand and feel God
Inside me.
And everything
Is a mirror of what we are.
This flower you like
Because it is another you
Feel how beautiful it is
Feel what it is feeling
Become this flower
This mountain is beautiful
Feel how it is wonderful to be a mountain
This human is beautiful
Feel how it is to be him
Fall in love with him
Feel and understand his universe
He is you
As you are him.
means feeling the energy
In the present moment
Is being conscious
In the present moment
There is no energy in the past
And there is no energy in the future
Because memories and projections
They are
Consciousness, energy
In the present moment
You can find
The love
Burning inside you
Is consciousness
Of this present moment
The more consciousness you are
The more love is burning
The more in love
With everyone
And everything
You are.
So, the truth is
You are
The truth

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Your life

Your life
Is a movie
You are the hero
Decide what you want to be
Decide what you want to do
Choose the life you want
Choose the other beings you want to love
Express yourself
In all direction
You can be an artist
You can be a scientist
You can be a business man
You can be a priest
You can be a sportman
You can be what you want to be!

You can rule the world
You are free!
You are free!
To become
What you want to be
Will help you
Will help you
Many beings will help you.
If you clearly express
Your choice
You can choose.

Be ?

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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