Hey baby, There is no coincidence at all, There is only law of cause and effects, There is only signs, There is only help. Can't you see? When i am talking to you? Can't you see? When i am … [Read more...]

Oh seigneur,

Je ne parle plus, Je ne vois plus, Je ne ressens plus. Je n'existe plus. Je m'en remet a toi, Désormais. Car je viens de réaliser, A cet instant, C'est toi qui voit, A travers moi. A … [Read more...]

I love you

I love you Like I love a God Because a God you are Yes, you just don't know it yet But a God you are You are the God of love You are the light of love You are everything to me I have totally … [Read more...]

The God inside you

The God inside you You can find Focus on your love Concentrate on your heart Fall in love Surrender And find the reflection of your love Everywhere In everyone Then you can see How … [Read more...]

Oh Frère,

Oh Frère, Tu es l'âme de mon âme, Tu es le cœur de mon cœur, Tu es l'instant, De tous nos instants. Près de toi, Je peut être moi, Comme tu peux être toi. Disparaissons, Laissons le agir à … [Read more...]


I love you so much My heart is your heart My love is your love Together, Again and again Love we share Angels we are Angels we were Angels we will be This world we will transform In our … [Read more...]

The Self

Today The Self I have seen Pure Love Infinite Love Pure light How wonderful we are How beautiful we are Today The Self I have seen In the mirror of the inner eyes Love Is the reflection of … [Read more...]


Understand Everything Is a projection Of me Every being Every human Every animal Every plant Is what I am Universal Infinite Consciousness Everything Is made of me Is me Even … [Read more...]

Wit and/or humor

You are me As I am you In such a way Imagine You can't Yes, now Madness I have embraced But Mysteries I will keep Because You And me I don't want To destroy Now! + lots of laughing … [Read more...]


Our universe Is made of energy Everything you touch Everything you see Everything you hear Everything is alive Everything you feel Everything is alive An idea A project A concept An … [Read more...]


Stay in the flow Let Shiva do her job Only the mind decides Listen to your inner voice Let things happen around you Feel the touch Feel the direction Let the shakti move Say yes Why … [Read more...]

The prophecy

When Jesus Meets Buddha When Buddha Meets Jesus When Love Meest love When the light Meets the light When infinite power Meets infinite powers Nuclear reactions Are arising Explosions of … [Read more...]

What you think

Be careful what you think Because, what you think Becomes reality. Be careful of your environment Because Your environment Merges with you. Choose the people Near you, Because what they … [Read more...]

When enlightened

When enlightened There is no you There is no-one So No-one thinks No mind thinks You just be You just are You just know Everything Everyone Because One You are With The … [Read more...]


Imagination Is the truth Of another reality Of another universe Put it inside your reality, Then a new truth, it will become Everything you imagine Is alive Somewhere in the universe When you … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Hey human, Listen to your body! He is a wonderful host, For your soul, For your consciousness, Don’t let your ego take the control, Be yourself, Be what you are, Deprogram what you have … [Read more...]


Imagine Millions of geniuses Imagine Millions of gods Building The new world Imagine You! Yes, The time for revolution Has come Yes, Everything Is changing Yes, It Is Now poème de … [Read more...]


Because everything is energy And because energy is consciousness Everything is alive For this reason Ideas, objects, persons, planets, everything Is alive somewhere in the universe Because it is … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Develop Love to your body Feel the flow of energy Inside him Listen to him Be happy with him He will love you too. Many pleasures You can have with him Doing sports, Making love, Understand … [Read more...]

New Universe

How to connect To a new universe The only thing You have to do Is to merge with it Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

Me, you, time and space and the universe

The messages of all the interfaces are transmitted in the consciousness of the group Expansion of the consciousness means better connexion, more streaming to your group of consciousness Love means … [Read more...]

Best result

In a creation In a composition For best result Take the best ingredient Result is the merging of ingredient It could be a meal It could be a company It could be any creation When all parts are … [Read more...]

How many lifes

How many lifes Do you need To understand How wonderful you are How many lifes do you need To understand How much love you can share How many lifes Do you need To understand that One we … [Read more...]