I am a son of God

I am a son of God My father is the sun My mother is the earth I am here To love you I am here To support you I am here To help you I am here and I am You Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

Oh seigneur,

Je ne parle plus, Je ne vois plus, Je ne ressens plus. Je n'existe plus. Je m'en remet a toi, Désormais. Car je viens de réaliser, A cet instant, C'est toi qui voit, A travers moi. A … [Read more...]

Brother of love

Oh Brother Brother of love Brother of faith, The first one you were The last one you will be From this world It is just the beginning Of our story Of our experience Many masters we will … [Read more...]

Brahmadev, Brother

Brother Thank you for your love The reason I was born You are I am happy to surrender to you Because one you are With the father Buddha inside you I have seen Jesus inside you I have … [Read more...]

Words, creation of the universe

What you think Is what you are Be careful what you think Understand the deep meaning of the words In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god The first word was … [Read more...]


Somehow, God surrendered his universe to man He gave us total freedom Because he is trusts us Because he is us As we are him This is the most beautiful act of love He gave to us He gave us … [Read more...]

Force of a father

Suddenly I merged with Owen Immediately My father you became How wonderful you are With my child eyes Force of a father I have seen Beauty of a father I have understood Owen I … [Read more...]