Bottle in the sea.

Hey you!
Come, come here,
Don’t be shy,
Please, read this text,
And imagine,
That you, in another space and time,
Have writen this poem.
Imagine, that this text,
Is a mirror,
Of what you really are.

That there is only you,
Imagine, You, as an infinite consciousness.
How could you see you?
How could you feel you,
How could you touch you?
If there is no separated you?
How an eye can see itself ?

So, you created this world,

You created duality,
You created,

All these people,

All these flowers,

All these minerals,
To know you.

You decided to live inside them,
Inside their hearts,
Inside the love.
You decided to experience yourself,
To understand,
What you really are.

Yes, it is you,
Which has created this text,
To initiate you,
To enlight you,
To tell you,
To remember you,
What you really are:
An infinite love, an infinite consciousness,
In 7 billions of humans.


In everything.

Cause deeply inside you,
You know,
Your mind,

You are not,
Your body,

You are not.
What you are,

Is you:
This love, this peace, this joy,

Is you.
You are,

The presence.

So you will understand,

Poème par / Poem by Kundun jan 2013

Oh baby

Oh baby
You are beauty
You are love
This is why
In everyone
Beauty you can see

This is why
You can be

What we are
We reflect
What we are
We can see
What we are
We can be
In everyone
Because one
We are

Oh baby
Beauty is your path to enlightenment
Be ready for art
Be ready for beauty
Is inside

Because beauty
Is what

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The God inside you

The God inside you
You can find
Focus on your love
Concentrate on your heart
Fall in love
And find the reflection of your love
In everyone

Then you can see
How beautiful you are
How wonderful life is
Then God you can see
In the mirrors of others

Love is the key
Love is the key to enlightenment
Just spread your love
And see what happens

Understand me
Trust me
When I tell you this secret:

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Give me love

Give me love
I will give you love
Give me separation
I will give you love
I am a perfect mirror

What you give
Is what you receive
What you receive
Is what you give

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun

Enlightenment Day

Oh Baby
Do you realize
That you awakened me
When suddenly
My love, you reflected

The 20th of November
Of love, I died

Infinite gratitude
For your heart
Infinite gratitude
For your soul

Connected we are now
One we are now

I love you

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Mais qui es tu?

Je suis un autre toi, avec qui,
Ce que tu es réellement,
Tu peux découvrir.
Tel un miroir, je reflète tout ce que tu m’envoies.
Envois moi de l’amour,
De l’amour tu recevras,
Envois moi de la séparation,
De la séparation, tu recevras.
C’est toi qui décide,
Car finalement,
Tu comprendras,
Que je suis toi.
Ne le vois tu pas?
Comme on aime un frère jumeau,
Je t’aime,
Car, mon frère, tu es.
A travers moi, comprends qui tu es,
Expérimente moi,
Je suis la pour toi,
Comme tu es la pour moi.
Nous nous sommes rencontrés,
Pas par hasard,
Mais pour progresser, ensemble,
Pour apprendre quelque chose,
Sur le chemin de la vie.
Je suis toi,
Et tu es moi,
Au fond de toi, ne le sens tu pas?
Qu’allons nous échanger ?
Qu’allons nous apprendre ?
Comment allons nous nous entraider ?
A nous, de le découvrir.
Je t’aime.
Viens avec moi.

Poème de Kundun / poem by Kundun

The Self

In the mirror of our souls
The Self you will see
Infinite Power
Infinite Force
Infinite Love
Creator of this world
Creator of all universes
Infinite Consciousness is what we are
Infinite time
Infinite potentiality
Infinite creativity
All beings, animals, humans, plants, rocks, things
Are made of me
Cells of me you are
My body you are
What you are
To understand
To understand
A duplication of me
You are
Look at you
Look in the mirror of your life
And understand
What you are
Through you
Living I am
Through you
Living we are
Through you
Experiencing we are
Growing we are
Expansion of the one
Is the expansion of the whole
Expansion of one cell is the expansion of the whole
When you grow
I grow
When you create
I create
Inside the heart of each man
The genius of god you will find
Sleeping or awake
You are
You I am

poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


You can’t love
If you can’t love
Love yourself
So you will Love
Oh, brothers

poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


I love you so much
My heart is your heart
My love is your love
Again and again
Love we share
Angels we are
Angels we were
Angels we will be
This world we will transform
In our paradise
Our love
Burning inside me
I can feel
And I know
That you know
We are
Energy is flowing
Inside me, inside you
Amazing it is
Like connected we are
Beyond imagination
Beyond minds
We are
Your voice
Inside of me
I am hearing
Your smile
Through my heart
Oh, brother
I love you
I love you
I love you

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

The Self

The Self
I have seen
Pure Love
Infinite Love
Pure light
How wonderful we are
How beautiful we are
The Self I have seen
In the mirror of the inner eyes
Is the reflection of the Self
When enlightened,
In love you fall
With everyone
With everything
The more you become enlightened
The more you fall in love
Reflection of the Self you can see
In the heart of every being
In the eyes of every being
In the voice of every being
When you fall in love with someone
Enlightened you become
Reflection of the Self
You understand

When the Self
You find
Pure love you find
Reflection of the self you understand
In everyone

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Only love

The self
I have seen
Only Love
Pure Love
Infinite love
Absolute love
Powerful love
Deep inside me
The Self
I have found
This Sun of love
Is reflecting
This Sun of love
Is shining
Sunlight is spread
In all directions
This love
Is burning
Is flowing
Almost painful
This fire
Inside of me
Burning and burning
Is what we are
What we were
What we will be

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun


Is a projection
Of me
Every being
Every human
Every animal
Every plant
Is what I am
Infinite Consciousness
Is made of me
Is me
Even countries
Even organizations
Are projections of what we all are
Infinite consciousness

Even association, companies, countries
Which are groups of men
Like groups of cells
Are projections of what we are

Life is everywhere
On all levels
All beings
All groups of beings
All groups of me
Are me
Acting like me
We are life

It means Surviving
It means growing Again and again
It means developing
It means learning
It means exploring
It means creating
It means destroying

In expansion
I am

In expansion
We all are

Look at the world
Look at us
The expansion of one cell
Is the expansion of the whole
The development of one cell
Is the development of the whole
Exponential expansion we are

Each of us is working for the whole
For this reason
Each action
Should be in the right direction
Think of life
Think of what we are doing
Each moment of our life
Each action in the right direction
Is good for mankind
Is good for the whole

We all are
In expansion
All the universe
All beings
All groups of beings
All me

Understand this
Understand me

Every me
Is going to
Look at the evolution
Of mankind
Look at the evolution
Of nature
Of animals
Of life

Every being
Is so perfect
Is so beautiful
Is so full of life

Makes us perfect

Creation, destruction
Makes us perfect

I am Shiva
I am creation
I am destruction
I am you

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun

The next step?

Oh Brahmadev, Oh brother
A reflection of me you are
A reflection of you I am
To show how beautiful we are
We created each other
To understand me
To understand you
To realize
The Illusion
Of the universe

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

My own

Oh Brother
Gift from god
My Own
You are
Same feeling you have for own
I have for you
Enlightenment gift
From God you are
Each time I see you
Each time I feel you
Each time I think about you
Crying I am
Dying I am
You I became
With you I merged
Please, understand
Gift of God I am for you too
The truth
You know
Cry with me
Cry with me
And let’s become
What we are
What we were
What we will be
Oh Brahmadev
Without you
I can’t live
Without me
I can’t live
If you leave
I will leave
We are
We were
We will be
This intense feeling
Is what we are
What we were
What we will be

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

The mirror

When infinite love
To you
I sent
The same infinite love
To me
You reflected
Our suns
And growing
Projecting us
Towards enlightenment
The universe we became

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Wit and/or humor

You are me
As I am you
In such a way
You can’t
Yes, now
I have embraced
I will keep
And me
I don’t want
To destroy
+ lots of laughing !!!!!

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

About love

When a clean mirror,
Finds another clean mirror,
What happens?
They share light and love of course!
And what happens then?
They fall in love,
They fall in love,
Each time they send love to each other,
They reflect the light,
Oh my God, how wonderful you are,
How wonderful we are,
When in your arms,
We are.

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Hey baby,
A perfect mirror, I am.
Reflecting your love,
Reflecting life,
When you smile,
I smile,
When you love,
I love,
When you laugh,
I laugh,
When you dream,
I dream,
’cause I am

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Our universe
Is made of energy
Everything you touch
Everything you see
Everything you hear
Everything is alive
Everything you feel
Everything is alive
An idea
A project
A concept
An object
Even you
Are alive
A word, a book, a poem
Is alive
Somewhere in the universe
For this reason, words, objects,
Everything is very important
The decoration of your home
What you eat
Your clothes
They all are alive
They are reflection of you
We are all energy
Communication between all groups of energy
Is beyond human imagination
Yes, all groups of energy are communicating
With every group of energy
Humans feel the energy of plants, of animals
Plants feel the energy of human, of sounds
A complex communication system
It is going to be more and more documented
With scientists and research
What we can say is that there is
A magnetic force between groups of energy
Between universes
For example, all the flowers you love,
Any object you love
Any person you love
There are reasons.
The reasons can be understood if you understand
The compatibility and the communication process
Between universes
Love means sharing between two universes
You love a flower because you have something in common with it
You love an object because you are sharing something with it
You share love with a brother, because you have something you are sharing with him.
The person you love
Is a person you can share something with.
The more you share the universe with someone, the more you fall in love with that person.
It could be spiritual beauty
It could be physical beauty
It could be any beauty of this world.
Because we are one
Discovering the beauty in someone means discovering your own beauty.
This is why we literally fall in love.
Communication between universes is vast.
It could be words, could be sounds, could be voices, could be thoughts, could be intentions
It could be touching, it could be seeing.
If you send love to your plants, they will immediately feel it
Intention, thoughts are sent.
You can feel the thoughts that someone is sending you
As a person can feel the thoughts you have for them
You can train yourself to feel what a plant, an animal, a person is thinking about you.
It even works with a company, a brand.
The more a brand, the more a company is loved, the more people will buy, the more successful it will be.
What you feel about a project, about a person, about an organization,
Will change the way you react.
The concept is :
What am I sharing with him, with her?
Is it me?
If universes are very close, if a lot is shared, then
Action, love will happen.
Depending on your awareness
Depending on the size of your consciousness
You can love and share more or less
If your consciousness is infinite
Then god you are
Then enlightened you are
Then in love you are
With everything
And everyone

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Infinite Love
Is what you are,
Understand and feel
What you are,
In the mirrors,
Of the others.
Find a mirror,
Send your love
And see what happens
If in love you fall
Reflection of your love
You will see.
If the mirror sends love to you too,
A reflection of his love you will send back
The mirror will fall in love too.
Each time,
You receive love,
Each time,
You receive light
Each time,
You receive information,
Each time,
You receive knowledge,
Yours consciousness expands deeply,
Because you just see
Who you really are.
Understanding who you are
Means your consciousness is expanding
Means you understand yourself,
Means you understand that everything and everyone is you
Because infinite consciousness
Is what you are.
Others, objects, everything
Are reflections of what you deeply are.
Falling in love,
Means understanding
God inside you
Means understanding
God inside the others,
Means understanding
God inside everything,
Means YOU are God,
As an infinite consciousness
As an infinite love.
Falling in love
Is the best state,
A being can access.
Your ego you can completely destroy
You understand that you are not your body,
You understand that you are not your mind
You understand that ego is a construction of your mind
True and infinite love,
You understand.
In absolute bliss you become,
The ecstatic joy of heaven,
You experience,
Enlightened you become
In love you fall,
Again and again.
Is the key
To enlightenment.
You just have to fall in love
You can love knowledge
You can love beauty
You can love other beings
You can love what you want to love.
Infinite love
You have to send,
Absolute and infinite love
You have to feel
Everything is already inside you
Just let it express itself.
This powerful love inside you,
Is what you really are.
Only the ego
Can hide love from you.
Destroy it
And become
What you really are.
You can begin to live in reality,
You can begin to live in truth.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Oh brother

Sons of the sun we are
Sons of our father we are

My smile
Is your smile
My love
Is your love

Your mirror
I am
As my Mirror
You are
One we are

Your eternal love
Makes me cry
Of love.

Your light
Is my light
My light
Is your light
Because light of the same sun
We are
Twin brothers
We are

Your eternal love
I feel
Inside my heart
Inside my whole body

In your arms
I have
For ever

Final light
Pure love
I became
In all directions
Infinite power
Infinite glory
Infinite love
Infinite you
Infinite us

With your arms
I embrace.
Inside you,
I melted
Total surrender
Made me disappeared.

“Me” doesn’t exist anymore
Ego disappeared
The individual disappeared
With you
I became

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

L’ouverture du coeur

C’est se donner à l’autre
C’est se retrouver dans l’autre
C’est devenir l’autre, devenir un

C’est la capacité d’aimer sans retenue
C’est se mettre à nu et se donner tel que l’on est
C’est d’accepter tout ce qui vient et repart
C’est l’acceptation de la mort, de la vie et de la renaissance
C’est la non dualité
C’est s débarrasser de toutes ses peurs
L’ouverture du cœur c’est reconnaître la part de perfection qui se trouve dans l’instant présent
C’est donner et recevoir à chaque instant
L’ouverture du cœur est un amour débridé, universel qui aime chaque partie de ce qui est à l’infini comme deux miroirs qui reflètent leur image, l’un à l’autre, sans fin, pour ne former plus qu’un.

Alors je vous prie : ouvrez votre cœur, abandonnez vos peurs et retournez dans l’unité du tout.

Poème de Brahmadev / poem by  Brahmadev


Of your love,
In a pure mirror
Is the most beautiful thing,
In this universe,
You can live.
Search for it
Find it
Reflect your love.

You really

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Can only exist
If someone can see it
Can only exist
If someone can hear them
Touch can only exist
If someone can feel it
Can only exist
If something
Is conscious

Are incarnations of god
Even a rock, a plant, an animal, a human
Is full of gods
Full of consciousness
Gods need us
To live
As we need them
To live
If all beings in the universe disappear
Gods disappear
If no one has faith
If no consciousness exists
The power of gods diminish
Faith and love
Give power
Faith and love
Are the expansion process
The microcosm is in the macrocosm
And the macrocosm is in the microcosm
Love between humans expands their consciousness
Love between humans and gods expands their consciousness
Because humans are incarnation of gods,
Because they are the same,
the same processes are working
Artists, spiritualists need the love of others to grow.
Love is all we need
The mirror of life
The more you send love,
The more love you receive
The more your consciousness expands
In the entire universe.
The more gods receive love,
From human to human
From human to god
The more love flows
The more the universe expands
The more consciousness is expanding
Because the entire universe is made of consciousness
Made of energy
Made of us
Made of love
This is why
The infinite love foundation
Helps beings
To love each other
It is the best thing
Someone or an organization
Can do
Help people to love more
More love
Means more consciousness
Means more gods
Means more creation
Means more expansion
This is what infinite is
It is expansion
Of us
God is constructing himself
Through us
Using the love
As energy
This is how mankind has been growing
For millions of years
Love is the key
Created in this world
And the others
Have been created by love
The first human love
Was the love between Adam and Eve
Then love between father and son,
Then love between mother and son
Then love between brother and sisters
Then love between grandparent and grandson/daughter
The first love in nature
Was the creation of planets, rocks and animals
Then humans, as an incarnation of god
Created art
For love of beauty
Then humans
Sought inventions
For the love of the knowledge.
Knowledge and invention are the discovery of the laws
How to use them
Then humans
Go to understand other humans and god
This love is compassion
It is the love of others
It is the love of what we are
The entire universe
was created
by love.
Love is what we are
What we were
What we will be

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The mirror

A mirror of myself I have found
Every time I shine, he shine back
When I love, he loves back
Giving to him is giving to me
Through infinite sharing we grow together
Find the mirror in every body
Reflect your unconditional loves
If ones goes higer, the other goes with
Finding this mirrors is finding your self
Look inside and see the beauty
It’s you
It’s me
We are

poème de Brahmadev / poem by Brahmadev

We are One

Made of the same light
Made of the same love
We are

Time and Space, Black Hole

When time
Meets space
Then the present
In this present
Is possible.
Without time
Space can’t move
And without space
Time is useless.
They are two sides of the same coin
The present is their conjunction
Stay in the present
Stay in the middle
The magic of events
The magic of action
Follow the lines of time
The magic
Of this meeting
The law of attraction
Is the general manager
Of these lines.
Like magnetic forces
Groups of consciousness
Are attracting these lines
Be powerful
Be full of love
Like a black hole
And everyone
Will come
To you
The more consciousness you have
The more dense you are
The more weight you have
The more attracted you are
The more everything

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


We are
What you send
Is what you receive.
And what you received
Is what you sent
Love your brothers
Love your sisters
Love everything and everyone
Respect everyone
Respect everything
The mirror of your life
Everything is infinite consciousness
Everything is you
You are

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

How crazy are you ?

Totally crazy I am

My madness
I prefer
To yours

We are free
To choose
Our madness

Choose yours
I will choose mine

Let’s see
Where love

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The truth

Knowledge, books
They all are the truth
All have been written by you
Depending on your universe
Some of them are more acceptable
But they all are the truth
Each universe is a truth
The truth you want
Is the real one for you
The truth you can choose
And what you choose
Reality becomes
There is one truth
And there is no truth
Because all truths
You are
Your truth
As I am
And because
One we are
Every truth
We are
Acceptance of all truths
Means acceptance of all universes
Means being one
With the entire universe
Means being one with the infinite consciousness
Means being me
Means being you
Is acceptance of all the other universes
Attention in the present moment
Beginning with your own universe
Attention to the other universes
Then infinite attention
To the other universes;
Then all universes you become
Because the same love
The same energy
We all are
When totally merged with other universes
It could be other human being,
It could be nature beings,
It could be any other beings
It could be animals, could be plants, could be minerals,
It could be universes or things or beings you have created
Like God,
You experience
What you really are.
Being what you really are
Is the most profound experience
Any being can have.
It is divine
Because divine we are
When we say
Be what you are
It means
Understand and feel God
Inside you
Understand and feel God
Inside everything
Understand and feel God
Inside me.
And everything
Is a mirror of what we are.
This flower you like
Because it is another you
Feel how beautiful it is
Feel what it is feeling
Become this flower
This mountain is beautiful
Feel how it is wonderful to be a mountain
This human is beautiful
Feel how it is to be him
Fall in love with him
Feel and understand his universe
He is you
As you are him.
means feeling the energy
In the present moment
Is being conscious
In the present moment
There is no energy in the past
And there is no energy in the future
Because memories and projections
They are
Consciousness, energy
In the present moment
You can find
The love
Burning inside you
Is consciousness
Of this present moment
The more consciousness you are
The more love is burning
The more in love
With everyone
And everything
You are.
So, the truth is
You are
The truth

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun