Please understand
That we all are
Antenna with body
We receive thoughts
From groups of consciousness
Like radios they are
You are free
To choose the station you want to listen to
You are free to act
As you wish
Be careful
Of your thoughts
Be careful
Of the station you want to listen to
The thoughts you choose
Are what you become
Understand that your spiritual path
Will bring you to the sky
The more you develop your antenna
The more you understand the universe
The more you understand yourself
The more you understand me
The more you understand that

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Laws of infinite love universe

With love
Thoughts and actions
You will have
With respect
Thoughts and actions
You will have
With love
You will understand
That all different we are
And that all the same we are
Because one
We are

You will give
To any being
Every being is free

To think or not to think
To act or not to act
To move or not to move
To share or not to share
To have faith or not to have faith
To trust or not to trust
To love or not to love
To create or not to create
To destroy or not to destroy
To be or not to be
To choose or not to choose
Every being is free
To be free

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


God surrendered his universe to man
He gave us total freedom
Because he is trusts us
Because he is us
As we are him
This is the most beautiful act of love
He gave to us
He gave us life and freedom
This is the best thing a father can do
For his children
Understand that
Act with love and responsibility
What you receive
Is divine
Understand this infinite love
Understand him
Understand yourself

poème de Kundun / poem by Kundun