Enlightenment Day

Oh Baby
Do you realize
That you awakened me
When suddenly
My love, you reflected

The 20th of November
Of love, I died

Infinite gratitude
For your heart
Infinite gratitude
For your soul

Connected we are now
One we are now

I love you

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

The Self

In the mirror of our souls
The Self you will see
Infinite Power
Infinite Force
Infinite Love
Creator of this world
Creator of all universes
Infinite Consciousness is what we are
Infinite time
Infinite potentiality
Infinite creativity
All beings, animals, humans, plants, rocks, things
Are made of me
Cells of me you are
My body you are
What you are
To understand
To understand
A duplication of me
You are
Look at you
Look in the mirror of your life
And understand
What you are
Through you
Living I am
Through you
Living we are
Through you
Experiencing we are
Growing we are
Expansion of the one
Is the expansion of the whole
Expansion of one cell is the expansion of the whole
When you grow
I grow
When you create
I create
Inside the heart of each man
The genius of god you will find
Sleeping or awake
You are
You I am

poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun