Hey baby, There is no coincidence at all, There is only law of cause and effects, There is only signs, There is only help. Can't you see? When i am talking to you? Can't you see? When i am … [Read more...]

Bottle in the sea.

Hey you! Come, come here, Don't be shy, Please, read this text, And imagine, That you, in another space and time, Have writen this poem. Imagine, that this text, Is a mirror, Of what you … [Read more...]

Je t’aime à l’infini

A comme Amour, Kundun 2012

L'amour est révélé par notre capacité à comprendre que l'autre est nous. Grâce au lien d'amour, nous pouvons ressentir que les autres sont littéralement 'nous'. Alors, des liens invisibles puis … [Read more...]


Oh baby It's Christmas Any material gift I could offer you Any typical gift I could offer you But today Yes today The most important gift In this world, and the others I will offer … [Read more...]

Falling in love

Falling in love with you Means I surrender to you Falling in love with you Means I give you my life Do what you want With my body Do what you want With my soul Do what you want With my … [Read more...]

Oh baby

Oh baby You are beauty You are love This is why Everywhere Always In everyone Beauty you can see This is why Everywhere Always Everyone You can be What we are We reflect What we … [Read more...]

The body of God

You are my body The whole universe is my body Through you I am alive Through you I am experiencing life Together Alive We Are Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]

The Self

In the mirror of our souls The Self you will see Infinite Power Infinite Force Infinite Love Creator of this world Creator of all universes Infinite Consciousness is what we are Infinite … [Read more...]


Understand Everything Is a projection Of me Every being Every human Every animal Every plant Is what I am Universal Infinite Consciousness Everything Is made of me Is me Even … [Read more...]

So happy

In your arms So happy I was Your Infinite compassion Your infinite love Your infinite kindness I was feeling I was eatining I needed you so much And you needed me so much You were there for … [Read more...]


Please understand That we all are Antenna with body We receive thoughts From groups of consciousness Like radios they are You are free To choose the station you want to listen to You are free … [Read more...]


Our universe Is made of energy Everything you touch Everything you see Everything you hear Everything is alive Everything you feel Everything is alive An idea A project A concept An … [Read more...]


Stay in the flow Let Shiva do her job Only the mind decides Listen to your inner voice Let things happen around you Feel the touch Feel the direction Let the shakti move Say yes Why … [Read more...]


Oh brother Sons of the sun we are Sons of our father we are My smile Is your smile My love Is your love Your mirror I am As my Mirror You are Because One we are Your eternal … [Read more...]

War with your body

Sister Stop the war You can stop the fire Your enemy is your friend Can't you see? Go to him Listen to him Understand why he is suffering What he is trying to tell you Be good with him Love … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Hey human, Listen to your body! He is a wonderful host, For your soul, For your consciousness, Don’t let your ego take the control, Be yourself, Be what you are, Deprogram what you have … [Read more...]


Being with you Is like being With the sun You shine so much A source of power you are A source of love you are You are one Life force Inside you Purify our body Purify our soul And our … [Read more...]


Oh Sister Sister Stop the war You can stop the fire Your enemy is your friend Can't you see it? Go to him Listen to him Understand why he is suffering What he is trying to tell you Be good … [Read more...]


In the light I am attracted to you In love I am attracted to you In this body I am attracted to you poème de Brahmadev / poem by Brahmadev … [Read more...]

Drunk on love

In my veins love was flooding Burning me, burning me We were totally drunk Drunk on love, Drunk on light, Merged into the sun, We were so high, Our bodies shaking, vibrating, merging in … [Read more...]


Suddenly, everything froze Connected we became Everything stopped Mind stopped, Time disappeared Infinite love, quiet love, Peace, infinity, calm, quietness appeared The body was totally … [Read more...]


Understand Energy We all are All animals All plants All rocks In the infinite small Space and energy we are In many ways Energy equals consciousness Understand that To understand that we … [Read more...]

I am an antenna

Hey, You know what? I discovered that I am an antenna Yes I have legs Yes I have a brain Yes I have a body, But yes An antenna I am hey, You think I am fool? Maybe I am But maybe I 'm … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Develop Love to your body Feel the flow of energy Inside him Listen to him Be happy with him He will love you too. Many pleasures You can have with him Doing sports, Making love, Understand … [Read more...]