Best result

In a creation
In a composition
For best result
Take the best ingredient
Result is the merging of ingredient
It could be a meal
It could be a company
It could be any creation
When all parts are perfect
The sum of the parts is perfect
Exponential is the result
When all parts are the best
For example
10 and 10 and 10 and 10
Doesn’t make 40
It makes 1000
That is why
Always selection the best
In all domaines
Darwin evolution
Is selection of the best
It Could be companies
It Could be a live form
It Could be anything
Without ego
Is sport
Is selectionning
It is very good
Because it helps
People, oranisation of people
To be the best.
It is possible to have a good spirit
In competition
It is the game spirit
It is the spirit of the original sport
But, ego should disapear
Because ego is destroying everything
Ego is the mental construction
Allowing human to defend themself
It was useful
But not anymore
A new world is in creation
Without ego
But with love
With sharing

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun