Imagine, 7 billions of people enlightened, Living together, Loving each other, Creating each other, Creating the new world, Of happiness, Of consciousness. Come with us brothers, Come with … [Read more...]

War with your body

Sister Stop the war You can stop the fire Your enemy is your friend Can't you see? Go to him Listen to him Understand why he is suffering What he is trying to tell you Be good with him Love … [Read more...]


This power Inside of you Understand now You must This power is love This power is what you are made of This power Is me Accept it Use it I am with you You are with me We are one Poème … [Read more...]


Your eyes Are burning my heart Spreading love Spreading joy Spreading happiness Your eyes Are not seeing me They are feeling me They are feeding on me Deeper and deeper Come inside Come … [Read more...]


This power Inside of you Now You will learn How to use it Listen To your heart Listen to me Listen to your inner voice Trust it Trust me We are One Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]


Because One We are What you send Is what you receive. And what you received Is what you sent Love your brothers Love your sisters Love everything and everyone Respect everyone Respect … [Read more...]

A better world

Brothers Sisters Come with us If you want Let's create A better world Every day With your thoughts With your actions A better world you can create, Understand What you are What you are … [Read more...]

Brothers, sisters

Brothers, sisters, I can feel you inside of me as you can feel me inside of you. There is no separation, no pain, no suffering Ego disappeared He let place to infinite love Fly with me, fly, fly, … [Read more...]