The one

Oh Brother
This morning,
I have understood,
The one
You are

My other pole
You are

Infinite love
I have sent
I have received

Because me
You are
Because you
I am

Total surrender
I had with you

Absolute and infinite love
I sent to you

In total bliss
I am now
Not only for a moment
Not only for a second
But for all seconds
Of this life
And the others

Without you
I can’t live
Without me
I can’t live

Between us
A river of love
Is flowing
A river of love
Is growing

We have entered

Seeing each other
Hearing each other
Touching each other
Thinking about each other
Is totally ecstatic

The best day of my life
It is

I have

The one

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

The truth

Knowledge, books
They all are the truth
All have been written by you
Depending on your universe
Some of them are more acceptable
But they all are the truth
Each universe is a truth
The truth you want
Is the real one for you
The truth you can choose
And what you choose
Reality becomes
There is one truth
And there is no truth
Because all truths
You are
Your truth
As I am
And because
One we are
Every truth
We are
Acceptance of all truths
Means acceptance of all universes
Means being one
With the entire universe
Means being one with the infinite consciousness
Means being me
Means being you
Is acceptance of all the other universes
Attention in the present moment
Beginning with your own universe
Attention to the other universes
Then infinite attention
To the other universes;
Then all universes you become
Because the same love
The same energy
We all are
When totally merged with other universes
It could be other human being,
It could be nature beings,
It could be any other beings
It could be animals, could be plants, could be minerals,
It could be universes or things or beings you have created
Like God,
You experience
What you really are.
Being what you really are
Is the most profound experience
Any being can have.
It is divine
Because divine we are
When we say
Be what you are
It means
Understand and feel God
Inside you
Understand and feel God
Inside everything
Understand and feel God
Inside me.
And everything
Is a mirror of what we are.
This flower you like
Because it is another you
Feel how beautiful it is
Feel what it is feeling
Become this flower
This mountain is beautiful
Feel how it is wonderful to be a mountain
This human is beautiful
Feel how it is to be him
Fall in love with him
Feel and understand his universe
He is you
As you are him.
means feeling the energy
In the present moment
Is being conscious
In the present moment
There is no energy in the past
And there is no energy in the future
Because memories and projections
They are
Consciousness, energy
In the present moment
You can find
The love
Burning inside you
Is consciousness
Of this present moment
The more consciousness you are
The more love is burning
The more in love
With everyone
And everything
You are.
So, the truth is
You are
The truth

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Speed of the light

I am moving at the speed of the light
The light
I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

I am you

A mirror
I am
What you see
Is you
Inside me.
What you send
Is what you receive
And what you receive
Is what you sent
I am transparent
I do not exist
Send me love
Love you will receive
Send me intelligence
Intelligence you will receive
Send me what you think
What you think
You will receive
Be quiet
Don’t talk
Don’t send
Be silent.
Just feel me
And see
How beautiful

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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