Bottle in the sea.

Hey you!
Come, come here,
Don’t be shy,
Please, read this text,
And imagine,
That you, in another space and time,
Have writen this poem.
Imagine, that this text,
Is a mirror,
Of what you really are.

That there is only you,
Imagine, You, as an infinite consciousness.
How could you see you?
How could you feel you,
How could you touch you?
If there is no separated you?
How an eye can see itself ?

So, you created this world,

You created duality,
You created,

All these people,

All these flowers,

All these minerals,
To know you.

You decided to live inside them,
Inside their hearts,
Inside the love.
You decided to experience yourself,
To understand,
What you really are.

Yes, it is you,
Which has created this text,
To initiate you,
To enlight you,
To tell you,
To remember you,
What you really are:
An infinite love, an infinite consciousness,
In 7 billions of humans.


In everything.

Cause deeply inside you,
You know,
Your mind,

You are not,
Your body,

You are not.
What you are,

Is you:
This love, this peace, this joy,

Is you.
You are,

The presence.

So you will understand,

Poème par / Poem by Kundun jan 2013

You are the love

Oh Baby
You are the love
You are the light

God inside you
I can feel
Each time
In your arms
I am

Each time
In your eyes
I am

Touching you is like touching God
Because a God you are
The God of beauty and joy

Oh baby
You are paradise
You are beauty
Thank you for being
Eu amo voce

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Come with me

Inside our universe
You are welcome

This universe
Is full of love
Is full of light
Is full of joy
Is full of happyness
Is full of life
Is full of adventure
Is full of consciousness
Is full of knowledge
Is full of beauty
Is full of compassion

If you want
Inside this universe
You can enter

Don’t bring your ego
Don’t bring your doubts
Don’t bring your fears

Clean we want to stay
Understand us
Understand that free we are
And free we want to stay
We invite you
In this temple of peace
You are free
We love you

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

The prophecy

When Jesus
Meets Buddha
When Buddha
Meets Jesus
When Love
Meest love
When the light
Meets the light
When infinite power
Meets infinite powers
Nuclear reactions
Are arising
Explosions of love
Explosions of joy

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


Oh Brother
My first brother you are
The last one you will be
You were here the first second of my rebirth
You will be there when I die
This life
We will share
With love
With tears
With joy
With faith
We will be there
Living this life
With passion
With creation
Every second
Every moment
This eternity
We will share
One we are
One we were
One we will be

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


When my truth,
Becomes your truth

When my love
Becomes your love

When my joy,
Becomes your joy,

When you,
Become Me

When I,
Become you,

We become

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun