Today I died of love

Today I died again Oh my God How can you be so wonderful? How can you be so beautiful? How can you be so generous? You gave me life You gave me love You gave me everything You take me to … [Read more...]

Oh sister

Oh sister You are so beautiful You are so wonderful Your soul is my soul Your heart is my heart To the light You connected me With your smile With your love With your eyes Where are … [Read more...]

The God inside you

The God inside you You can find Focus on your love Concentrate on your heart Fall in love Surrender And find the reflection of your love Everywhere In everyone Then you can see How … [Read more...]

The Self

Today The Self I have seen Pure Love Infinite Love Pure light How wonderful we are How beautiful we are Today The Self I have seen In the mirror of the inner eyes Love Is the reflection of … [Read more...]

Infinite Love

My Life I would give for you, Brother This kind of Love I have for you, Absolute, Infinite, Pure, Wonderful, Love Beyond words This love is divine It is god's love This love We are We … [Read more...]


Oh, sister of light Your wings, I see In your eyes, I fall In the blue, I fall with you This world, you are saving Understand The power of your love Understand who you are Destroy fears and … [Read more...]

War with your body

Sister Stop the war You can stop the fire Your enemy is your friend Can't you see? Go to him Listen to him Understand why he is suffering What he is trying to tell you Be good with him Love … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Hey human, Listen to your body! He is a wonderful host, For your soul, For your consciousness, Don’t let your ego take the control, Be yourself, Be what you are, Deprogram what you have … [Read more...]

Force of a father

Suddenly I merged with Owen Immediately My father you became How wonderful you are With my child eyes Force of a father I have seen Beauty of a father I have understood Owen I … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Develop Love to your body Feel the flow of energy Inside him Listen to him Be happy with him He will love you too. Many pleasures You can have with him Doing sports, Making love, Understand … [Read more...]