Oh sister

Oh sister
You are so beautiful
You are so wonderful

Your soul is my soul
Your heart is my heart

To the light
You connected me
With your smile
With your love
With your eyes

Where are you?
You asked me ‘where are you?’
And in your eyes
I just disappeared
And in your smile
I just vanished
With the beauty of your soul
With the beauty of your smile

In one second
I just fell
Into your infinite love

Oh my God
Thank you for this sister of light
Thank your for this magic moment

I love you, sister
I love you

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


  1. Janicka says:

    This was a beautiful poem I hope you are all well please tell me what I have to do for the work shop in August and the cost for the week. Seb said that I could stay with his mom which I would like to do Thanks janicka

  2. It ‘s Wonderfull…..
    Thank you very much for everything you do….
    God or Univers bless you….
    I Love you
    Sabine (Your sister)

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