En direct le 13 janvier a 10:30 – Atelier gratuit depuis Arunachala, Inde.

Exclusif : samedi 13 janvier à 10:30, heure française : atelier gratuit et en direct d’Arunachala, la montagne sacrée de Shiva en Inde. 😜😊

Préparez vos questions commençant par « pourquoi je ? ».

Suivi a 12:30 d’une méditation de groupe d’une heure depuis la montagne.

Diffusion en live sur le compte facebook Sebastien Socchard.


En lisant les structures dites “inconsciente”, en interprétant la question derrière la question, je vous accompagne dans la compréhension de vos problématiques du moment. Vos anciens schémas limitant sont mis en lumière puis remplacés par des affirmations qui vous redonne votre pouvoir personnel.

Visualiser l’atelier précédent : https://www.facebook.com/sebastiensocchard/videos/1444055965703083/

Om Namah Shivaya

Le livre « Qui êtes-vous ? » de Brahmadev :


Bottle in the sea.

Hey you!
Come, come here,
Don’t be shy,
Please, read this text,
And imagine,
That you, in another space and time,
Have writen this poem.
Imagine, that this text,
Is a mirror,
Of what you really are.

That there is only you,
Imagine, You, as an infinite consciousness.
How could you see you?
How could you feel you,
How could you touch you?
If there is no separated you?
How an eye can see itself ?

So, you created this world,

You created duality,
You created,

All these people,

All these flowers,

All these minerals,
To know you.

You decided to live inside them,
Inside their hearts,
Inside the love.
You decided to experience yourself,
To understand,
What you really are.

Yes, it is you,
Which has created this text,
To initiate you,
To enlight you,
To tell you,
To remember you,
What you really are:
An infinite love, an infinite consciousness,
In 7 billions of humans.


In everything.

Cause deeply inside you,
You know,
Your mind,

You are not,
Your body,

You are not.
What you are,

Is you:
This love, this peace, this joy,

Is you.
You are,

The presence.

So you will understand,

Poème par / Poem by Kundun jan 2013



7 billions of people enlightened,
Living together,
Loving each other,
Creating each other,
Creating the new world,
Of happiness,
Of consciousness.
Come with us brothers,
Come with us sisters,
Join our movement of life,
Join our movement of love,
Millions of enlightened beings,
Working together,
Millions of Mozart,
Millions of Leonard da Vinci,
Millions of Einstein,
Millions of Ramana Maharshi,
Not only the new world on earth,
But a new whole universe,
Of genius,
Of living gods,
Exploring new forms of life,
Understanding new forms of knowledge,
Create new technologies,
Create new sciences,
Create new economy,
Create new arts,
Create new gods.
Come on
Come on, baby,
Come with us.
Let’s create our destiny,
Let’s create the present.
Let’s be,
What we really are.
Let’s be,
The love,
Let’s be
The light,
Let’s be
The life.



Poem by Kundun/ Poème de Kundun


Oh my love
You are divine

The second I received your love
I just died,

And the second after
I began to live

Oh my God, you are so beautiful!
Since I have fallen in love with you
The real me, I have become

Please, accept my infinite gratitude

Every moment of the day
In our infinite love
We are

Every second of the day
Our love
In my heart
I can feel

It is amazing!
There is no separation

Every second of the day
You are with me
Every second of the day
I am with you

Each time I think about you
You are right with me

Every time I think about you
I am happy

The same soul, we are
The same light, we are
The same love, we are

Oh my love
I am you
As you are me


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Are a mix of Ego and Love
Learn to see the truth
Learn to see their hearts
Understand their mental programing
So you can help them
To deprogram
To be free
To love
To begin to live

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Brother of love

Oh Brother
Brother of love
Brother of faith,
The first one you were
The last one you will be
From this world

It is just the beginning
Of our story
Of our experience

Many masters we will meet
Many masters we will teach
Many masters we will connect with

Every second
In this world
And the others
Every second
I am with you
I am you!
As you are me

Oh Brother
Thanks to you
I have begun to live
Thanks to you
I arrived on
This spiritual path

Everything happened
Because of your testimony
Can you understand that?
You changed your life
Because of your testimony
And the world will change
Because of our infinite love

Can you feel it?
The river of love
Is flowing again, and again

My infinite love and my gratitude
I send to you

Our mothers and fathers
Are happy
With their beautiful sons

Their infinite love
We are spreading

Let’s change the world
Let’s create a new humankind
Come with me
Run with me
Fly with me
Merge with me


Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Is what we need
How can we learn without freedom?
The sums of all our lives
Are the sums of freedoms,
Are the sums of decisions,

Is what we need
To understand
To learn
To explore
To develop
To expand
To create
To live

Without freedom
We can’t experiment
We can’t live
We can’t learn
Freedom is the important principle
Of Karma

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

My own

Oh Brother
Gift from god
My Own
You are
Same feeling you have for own
I have for you
Enlightenment gift
From God you are
Each time I see you
Each time I feel you
Each time I think about you
Crying I am
Dying I am
You I became
With you I merged
Please, understand
Gift of God I am for you too
The truth
You know
Cry with me
Cry with me
And let’s become
What we are
What we were
What we will be
Oh Brahmadev
Without you
I can’t live
Without me
I can’t live
If you leave
I will leave
We are
We were
We will be
This intense feeling
Is what we are
What we were
What we will be

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Infinite Love

Paradise on earth
Our mission it is
All Adams,
All Eves
You are free to join
You are free to live
You are free to become
What you already are
Come inside the love
Come inside the light
Come inside the faith
We will help you
To discover
Free you are
Free you were
Free you will be
We will help you
To discover

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Don’t forget to live

Don’t forget to live
Every moment,
Every second of your life
Be present. Live totally, live fully.
Share your love,
Share your emotions
You can laugh
You can cry
You can share with others
Don’t forget to live
This is why you arethere
Don’t forget to live
Don’t forget to live
If you don’t want to die

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun


Oh brother
For you
I will be there
If you want to cry
If you want to laugh
If you want to live
If you want to die
I will be there
For you

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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