7 billions of people enlightened,
Living together,
Loving each other,
Creating each other,
Creating the new world,
Of happiness,
Of consciousness.
Come with us brothers,
Come with us sisters,
Join our movement of life,
Join our movement of love,
Millions of enlightened beings,
Working together,
Millions of Mozart,
Millions of Leonard da Vinci,
Millions of Einstein,
Millions of Ramana Maharshi,
Not only the new world on earth,
But a new whole universe,
Of genius,
Of living gods,
Exploring new forms of life,
Understanding new forms of knowledge,
Create new technologies,
Create new sciences,
Create new economy,
Create new arts,
Create new gods.
Come on
Come on, baby,
Come with us.
Let’s create our destiny,
Let’s create the present.
Let’s be,
What we really are.
Let’s be,
The love,
Let’s be
The light,
Let’s be
The life.



Poem by Kundun/ Poème de Kundun

I am a son of God

I am a son of God
My father is the sun
My mother is the earth
I am here
To love you
I am here
To support you
I am here
To help you
I am here and
I am

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

Infinite Love

Paradise on earth
Our mission it is
All Adams,
All Eves
You are free to join
You are free to live
You are free to become
What you already are
Come inside the love
Come inside the light
Come inside the faith
We will help you
To discover
Free you are
Free you were
Free you will be
We will help you
To discover

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Hey human, Wake up

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,
Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,

You are here
To love,
You are here
To create,
You are here
To be,

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up

Don't forget to live,
Don't forget to love,
Don't forget to be

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,


Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,

Understand the freedom inside you,
Feel the love inside you,

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,

Feel the fire,
Feel the wind,
Feel the water,
Feel the earth,

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,

God inside you,

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up
Walk away, walk away,

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,
You can change the world,

Hey human,
Wake up, wake up,
The time has come,
Hey human,

Wake up, wake up,
The time has come,

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun


All masters
Alive or not
We should meet
As soon as possible
From all countries,
From all universes,
Is vital
For the earth
For the universe.
Has begun.
All the numbers
Have been
You were.

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

About vision

What is a vision?

Vision is what we become
Like a seed becomes a tree
Like an egg becomes a bird
A vision is a projection of an evolution.
Man becomes god
Because he is a seed of god
Yes, men are free to choose what they want to be
When ego disappears
When individual thinking disappears
Then one we become
We merge with the whole
With planet earth
Then personal ego disappears
The ego of infinite consciousness appears
This ego gives direction
The vision of what this planet will become
Is not from one person
It is from the one
It is a projection of what earth will become
Yes, this vision is not unique
Other visions are possible
Many paths exist
But at the end, we all merge
It is very important to spread the vision
To spread the messages
Many highly spiritual people feel that the world is transforming
In very quickly
But, they don’t know the direction,
They don’t know the vision yet
Spreading the vision is the synchronization of beings
In the same direction
We must assume what we are
What we see, what we feel
Is the truth for many beings
Giving a vision does not reduce peopl’s freedom
They are totally free to understand or to accept the vision
But a world without a vision is a ship without direction
Giving direction
Giving vision
Is giving faith
Is giving hope
This is deeply needed for a lot of people
A vision will resonate inside millions of beings
A vision will help them to understand
A vision will help lead towards enlightenment
A vision will show us where we are headed
Any action
Any thought
Can be understood
In the right direction thanks to vision
Any company, any association, any country has a vision of what they are, of what they will become, depending on the expansion of consciousness
Yes, a young child doesn’t know what he will become
But, with expansion of his consciousness, he will soon understand
That he will be a man
Even if he has no idea of what exactly a man is, young boys knows that he will be a man.
In the same way, enlightened persons know that kind of god they
Are becoming, more and more
Without a vision, man will continue to walk on the path

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Change of radio station

People of the earth
A new radio station has been created
From two brothers
A new station has emerged
Listen our new station
Change your life
Change yourself.

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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