The truth

Understand Your truth You are choosing Understand Your beliefs You are choosing Understand Your reality You are creating By your choice of truths By your choice of beliefs Your … [Read more...]

Brother of love

Oh Brother Brother of love Brother of faith, The first one you were The last one you will be From this world It is just the beginning Of our story Of our experience Many masters we will … [Read more...]

What are you doing?

What are you doing? I am changing the world And you? Hey, see what I gave to you What did you give to me? Compare and tell me what you think Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]


All masters Alive or not We should meet As soon as possible From all countries, From all universes, Learning Sharing Is vital For the earth For the universe. Because Revolution Has … [Read more...]


Imagination Is the truth Of another reality Of another universe Put it inside your reality, Then a new truth, it will become Everything you imagine Is alive Somewhere in the universe When you … [Read more...]

Listen to your body

Hey human, Listen to your body! He is a wonderful host, For your soul, For your consciousness, Don’t let your ego take the control, Be yourself, Be what you are, Deprogram what you have … [Read more...]


Imagine Millions of geniuses Imagine Millions of gods Building The new world Imagine You! Yes, The time for revolution Has come Yes, Everything Is changing Yes, It Is Now poème de … [Read more...]


What you really are, you feed. You feed emotions of what you are What you eat is what you are. Drink love, Love you will become Drink separation, Separation you will become. Depending on … [Read more...]

A better world

Brothers Sisters Come with us If you want Let's create A better world Every day With your thoughts With your actions A better world you can create, Understand What you are What you are … [Read more...]

Change of radio station

Hey, People of the earth A new radio station has been created From two brothers A new station has emerged Listen our new station Change your life Change yourself. Poème de Kundun / Poem by … [Read more...]

I am an antenna

Hey, You know what? I discovered that I am an antenna Yes I have legs Yes I have a brain Yes I have a body, But yes An antenna I am hey, You think I am fool? Maybe I am But maybe I 'm … [Read more...]