Hey baby, There is no coincidence at all, There is only law of cause and effects, There is only signs, There is only help. Can't you see? When i am talking to you? Can't you see? When i am … [Read more...]

Oh baby

Oh baby You are beauty You are love This is why Everywhere Always In everyone Beauty you can see This is why Everywhere Always Everyone You can be What we are We reflect What we … [Read more...]

Only love

Today The self I have seen Only Love Pure Love Infinite love Absolute love Powerful love Deep inside me The Self I have found This Sun of love Is reflecting This Sun of love Is … [Read more...]

About love

When a clean mirror, Finds another clean mirror, What happens? They share light and love of course! And what happens then? They fall in love, They fall in love, 'cause, Each time they send … [Read more...]


Reflection Of your love, In a pure mirror Is the most beautiful thing, In this universe, You can live. Search for it Find it Reflect your love. What You … [Read more...]

The mirror

A mirror of myself I have found Every time I shine, he shine back When I love, he loves back Giving to him is giving to me Through infinite sharing we grow together Find the mirror in every … [Read more...]