Hey baby, There is no coincidence at all, There is only law of cause and effects, There is only signs, There is only help. Can't you see? When i am talking to you? Can't you see? When i am … [Read more...]

With you

With you Life is beautiful With you Life becomes true With you Poems flow With you Love is everywhere With you With you I can be Me Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

Oh baby

Oh baby You are beauty You are love This is why Everywhere Always In everyone Beauty you can see This is why Everywhere Always Everyone You can be What we are We reflect What we … [Read more...]

The God inside you

The God inside you You can find Focus on your love Concentrate on your heart Fall in love Surrender And find the reflection of your love Everywhere In everyone Then you can see How … [Read more...]


Yes Paradise We are creating Come with us Help us If you want Because The more we are The more love will be spread The only thing you have to do Is to … [Read more...]

Love is the key

Love is the key Love is the key To open any heart To open any door Love is the key Love is the key Everywhere Anytime With everyone Use your key Use your love Use your heart Love … [Read more...]

The Wonder of love

Love is everywhere Look, feel, touch Love is all and all is love Even pain hides man's love Love is the reason for being The reason of  war and peace Love is the cure for everything Take … [Read more...]


Oh, Love I am your servant. You, I am spreading, Everywhere You, I am spreading to everyone, You, I am spreading, Every time. Any action Any thought Is from You Inside everything You … [Read more...]