Falling in love

Falling in love with you Means I surrender to you Falling in love with you Means I give you my life Do what you want With my body Do what you want With my soul Do what you want With my … [Read more...]

I love you

I love you Like I love a God Because a God you are Yes, you just don't know it yet But a God you are You are the God of love You are the light of love You are everything to me I have totally … [Read more...]

Wit and/or humor

You are me As I am you In such a way Imagine You can't Yes, now Madness I have embraced But Mysteries I will keep Because You And me I don't want To destroy Now! + lots of laughing … [Read more...]

The truth

You cannot find the truth Only the mind will seek the truth. What you can Is become The truth. Because The truth You are Already. Look inside you And understand What you are Poème de … [Read more...]


We have no enemies We have only friends, Because We are one With any being With any organization. We love you Anything you have done Anything you will do Anything you are Anything you will … [Read more...]

The knower

I am the knower Everything About everything I know Because Everything I am Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]


Because I cannot think I cannot really remember I don't think I know Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

Infinite consciousness

When enlightened Infinite consciousness You become One you become With the whole universe Everything Everyone Every consciousness Is you In expansion Your … [Read more...]

The one

Oh Brother This morning, I have understood, The one You are My other pole You are Infinite love I have sent Enlightenment I have received Because me You are Because you I … [Read more...]