Oh sister

Oh sister You are so beautiful You are so wonderful Your soul is my soul Your heart is my heart To the light You connected me With your smile With your love With your eyes Where are … [Read more...]

Oh baby

Oh baby You are beauty You are love This is why Everywhere Always In everyone Beauty you can see This is why Everywhere Always Everyone You can be What we are We reflect What we … [Read more...]

You are the love

Oh Baby You are the love You are the light God inside you I can feel Each time In your arms I am Each time In your eyes I am Touching you is like touching God Because a God you … [Read more...]

So happy

In your arms So happy I was Your Infinite compassion Your infinite love Your infinite kindness I was feeling I was eatining I needed you so much And you needed me so much You were there for … [Read more...]

In your arms

When your arms Become God's arms When my tears Become your love When my tears Become your compassion When infinite love We merged in When beauty We became When God We became Then … [Read more...]


Yes You are free Free to love Free to trust Free to have faith Who you want to be You become Who you think you are You become What you want to do You can do Yes You are free Understand … [Read more...]

Come with me

Inside our universe You are welcome This universe Is full of love Is full of light Is full of joy Is full of happyness Is full of life Is full of adventure Is full of consciousness Is full … [Read more...]


Imagine that all other beings in the universe are you and Imagine that you have created them to understand Who you really are Imagine That you are crazy And understand that you are … [Read more...]

Where you live

The place you are living Is a projection Of what you are Look at your objects Look at the harmony Look at the plants Understand your beauty Understand your love Poem by Kundun / Poème de … [Read more...]

What we are we become

From darkness to light From chaos to organization From ugliness to beauty From ordinary to perfection From hate to love From egoism to compassion From “I am” to “We are” From lies to … [Read more...]

Force of a father

Suddenly I merged with Owen Immediately My father you became How wonderful you are With my child eyes Force of a father I have seen Beauty of a father I have understood Owen I … [Read more...]


You are the son of the sun You are the bliss for every one You are my smile My laugh My  beauty Eternal love I feel for you For ever and ever we are Together enlightenment is so easy Seeing … [Read more...]

The mirror

A mirror of myself I have found Every time I shine, he shine back When I love, he loves back Giving to him is giving to me Through infinite sharing we grow together Find the mirror in every … [Read more...]

Inside all men

Inside all men Love You will find Inside all men, Beauty You will find Inside all men Perfection You will find Inside all men, You will find Me Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]

In the heart of man

In the heart of man Love you will find In the heart of man Beauty you will find In the heart of man Perfection you will find In the heart of man You will find Me Poème de Kundun / Poem by … [Read more...]

Falling in love

Falling in love Mean seeing, feeling, hearing the beauty of a universe. You can fall in love With an idea With a being The more you are enlightened The more your infinite consciousness is … [Read more...]