Imagine, 7 billions of people enlightened, Living together, Loving each other, Creating each other, Creating the new world, Of happiness, Of consciousness. Come with us brothers, Come with … [Read more...]

Brother of love

Oh Brother Brother of love Brother of faith, The first one you were The last one you will be From this world It is just the beginning Of our story Of our experience Many masters we will … [Read more...]

Oh Frère,

Oh Frère, Tu es l'âme de mon âme, Tu es le cœur de mon cœur, Tu es l'instant, De tous nos instants. Près de toi, Je peut être moi, Comme tu peux être toi. Disparaissons, Laissons le agir à … [Read more...]


Others You can't love If you can't love Yourself Because Others Are You Love yourself So you will Love Others Oh, brothers poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun … [Read more...]

The next step?

Oh Brahmadev, Oh brother A reflection of me you are A reflection of you I am To show how beautiful we are We created each other To understand me To understand you To realize The Illusion Of … [Read more...]

My own

Oh Brother Gift from god My Own You are Same feeling you have for own I have for you Enlightenment gift From God you are Each time I see you Each time I feel you Each time I think about … [Read more...]

Infinite Love

My Life I would give for you, Brother This kind of Love I have for you, Absolute, Infinite, Pure, Wonderful, Love Beyond words This love is divine It is god's love This love We are We … [Read more...]


Oh Brother My first brother you are The last one you will be You were here the first second of my rebirth You will be there when I die Together This life We will share With love With … [Read more...]


Made of the same light Made of the same love Brothers We are Part of you I am Part of me you are We are the One This fire burning inside me It is your sun Brothers we are Brothers we … [Read more...]


When my truth, Becomes your truth When my love Becomes your love When my joy, Becomes your joy, When you, Become Me When I, Become you, Then, Brothers, We become Poème de … [Read more...]


Because One We are What you send Is what you receive. And what you received Is what you sent Love your brothers Love your sisters Love everything and everyone Respect everyone Respect … [Read more...]

A better world

Brothers Sisters Come with us If you want Let's create A better world Every day With your thoughts With your actions A better world you can create, Understand What you are What you are … [Read more...]

The one

Oh Brother This morning, I have understood, The one You are My other pole You are Infinite love I have sent Enlightenment I have received Because me You are Because you I … [Read more...]

Change of radio station

Hey, People of the earth A new radio station has been created From two brothers A new station has emerged Listen our new station Change your life Change yourself. Poème de Kundun / Poem by … [Read more...]


Imagine That you are dreaming Imagine That everyday In the same dream You wake up Like in a video game, You start where you stopped Yesterday Imagine A massive multi-player game You are … [Read more...]


Oh Brother Today, We have found our Tantric brother Light, love, knowledge We will share with you Yes, we know That we are dreaming us But, A wonderful dream We are Joy, happiness, peace Is … [Read more...]

Brothers, sisters

Brothers, sisters, I can feel you inside of me as you can feel me inside of you. There is no separation, no pain, no suffering Ego disappeared He let place to infinite love Fly with me, fly, fly, … [Read more...]