Bottle in the sea.

Hey you!
Come, come here,
Don’t be shy,
Please, read this text,
And imagine,
That you, in another space and time,
Have writen this poem.
Imagine, that this text,
Is a mirror,
Of what you really are.

That there is only you,
Imagine, You, as an infinite consciousness.
How could you see you?
How could you feel you,
How could you touch you?
If there is no separated you?
How an eye can see itself ?

So, you created this world,

You created duality,
You created,

All these people,

All these flowers,

All these minerals,
To know you.

You decided to live inside them,
Inside their hearts,
Inside the love.
You decided to experience yourself,
To understand,
What you really are.

Yes, it is you,
Which has created this text,
To initiate you,
To enlight you,
To tell you,
To remember you,
What you really are:
An infinite love, an infinite consciousness,
In 7 billions of humans.


In everything.

Cause deeply inside you,
You know,
Your mind,

You are not,
Your body,

You are not.
What you are,

Is you:
This love, this peace, this joy,

Is you.
You are,

The presence.

So you will understand,

Poème par / Poem by Kundun jan 2013

There is love

There is love
Inside you

I can feel it
I can hear it

Under your ego
Under millions of mental programs

There is love, there is love

Look into your heart
Look into my heart

Feel this power
Feel this force
Follow its direction

Don’t fight it
Surrender to this love

You will find

You will find

Yes, in love I am
With you
Yes, this love, I feel
Inside you

I am here for you
My infinite love
Is for you

To your Ego,
I can’t surrender
To your mental programs
I can’t surrender

To what you are not
I can’t surrender

Please, understand
Only to your love
Can I surrender

I love you
I love you
I love you

Please, be free
Accept this love inside you
Deprogram your ego
Be who you really are
Be free
Surrender to me
As I have surrendered to you
Trust me
When I tell you
That free

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun


I love you

I love you
Like I love a God
Because a God you are

Yes, you just don’t know it yet
But a God you are
You are the God of love
You are the light of love
You are everything to me
I have totally surrendered to you

This divine love
Is beautiful
This divine love
Is what we really are

Poem by Kundun / poème de Kundun

The truth

Your truth
You are choosing

Your beliefs
You are choosing
Your reality
You are creating

By your choice of truths
By your choice of beliefs
Your world
You are creating

But they are all true

Infinite possibilities
Infinite potentialities
You have

Your choices
Your beliefs
Reality become

Be careful what you choose
Your choices
Become your reality

You have the possibility
To choose love
You have the possibility
To choose unity
You have the possibility
To choose the best
For you
And for others

Your world
You can really change
By changing your beliefs
By changing your truths

Poem by Kundun / Poème de Kundun

Waiting for love

I dreamed about you
And suddenly, you appeared.
How is that possible?

Yes, I created you
Yes, you created me.
Can you believe it?
Let me say this:
Whatever we think comes into being
In a way
No one can imagine

When my dreams
Connect to your dreams
Life becomes true

Take the keys
To paradise,
Take the keys
And open the door.
Enter your dream

Please, trust me
When I tell you
Free you are

Take your keys to paradise
Those keys are called Love
Those keys are called Freedom

Understand what you are
Trust me
Surrender to me
When I tell you
How divine you are
How beautiful you are

Yes, you are free
Yes, you are love
Yes, you are an incarnation of God

Allow yourself
To be free
To make the most beautiful dream
Of your life come true

Remember what you really are
Remember yourself
Remember me
And understand
The love
Inside you
Inside me
Inside us

We are
We were
We will be

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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