Our universe Is made of energy Everything you touch Everything you see Everything you hear Everything is alive Everything you feel Everything is alive An idea A project A concept An … [Read more...]


All masters Alive or not We should meet As soon as possible From all countries, From all universes, Learning Sharing Is vital For the earth For the universe. Because Revolution Has … [Read more...]

The game

Every moment of your life Is a spiritual test What you do What you don't do Will change your life. Be careful What you think, Be careful What you do. Let the flow Managing Your … [Read more...]


Human beings Are able to connect To infinite consciousness. When enlightened Discoveries they can understand Art, science, everything is accessible. But, only discoveries they are. Real … [Read more...]

Access to universes

When the light you become When ego disappears, Inside many new universes You can access Inside many universes You pierce. The reality you can see Depends on the purity Of the universe you … [Read more...]


Understand Energy We all are All animals All plants All rocks In the infinite small Space and energy we are In many ways Energy equals consciousness Understand that To understand that we … [Read more...]

The Self

In the mirror of our souls The Self you will see Infinite Power Infinite Force Infinite Love Creator of this world Creator of all universes Infinite Consciousness is what we are Infinite … [Read more...]