Because everything is energy
And because energy is consciousness
Everything is alive
For this reason
Ideas, objects, persons, planets, everything
Is alive somewhere in the universe
Because it is alive
What you think
Where your attention is focused
Is going to happen
In the respect of the other laws of the universe
Being alive means being full of energy
Being dead means being without energy
A Living idea is an idea known by many
The more energy a person has
The more his ideas will become alive
And with enough energy
With enough consciousness
An idea, an organization, a song, a person, a country, a planet
Can be very alive
Being alive means being full of consciousness
Being alive means being full of energy
The organization Infinite love is helping planet Earth
Be more alive
Expanding the consciousness of all beings
The expansion of one
Is expansion of the whole
Because one
We are
Professor Hawkins
That only some masters level 1000
Could change
This world
Look what happened when Einstein
Discovered E=MC2
Look what happened when Leonard Da Vinci
Made so many discoveries

One genius
Can change
The world
How the world
Would change
With one million

Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun

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