Your life

Your life Is a movie You are the hero Decide what you want to be Decide what you want to do Choose the life you want Choose the other beings you want to love Express yourself In all … [Read more...]

Imagine your world

Imagine The world As you want it to be Imagine The paradise Imagine Any details Imagine People Imagine Relations. You Are Your Key! What you imagine Reality become. Careful what you … [Read more...]

Imagine a world

Oh brother, Oh brother Imagine a world Imagine a world Where everybody is like you Full of love Spreading the light With your kindness Your goodness You are so nice, so beautiful This world … [Read more...]

I will be your light

I will be your light, I will be your lighthouse, I will spread your message To the world I will spread the life, I will spread the love, I will spread you Poème de Kundun / Poem by Kundun … [Read more...]