Kundun, second experience


Brothers, sisters, this is the testimony of my second Shaktipat in february.

Hearing, taste, smell, touch, sight, all is different, all is new. Photo Serge Briez ©

Hearing, taste, smell, touch, sight, all is different, all is new. Photo Serge Briez ©

After the first one in september 2010, I meditate each day 1 hour a day and 2 hours a day during the week-ends.

I have made one energetic health each week too during 6 months. It helped me to clean the chakras.

If you have any question, just ask!

Here is the letter I sent to Yogi Madan Gautam:

Thank you so much for your grace.
Words can’t explain how grateful I am. Words can’t explain what is happening.
In this new world,
With this new birth
Words aren’t enough.
Poetries will explain plainly. Poetries, music and arts in general are the only way to share.
Thanks to Shiva, a lot of poetry are coming each days.
Since 15th of February, a rebirth arrived. We can say that a big part of the ego disappeared. (most of it maybe)
Something happened when Mikel gave me infinite love in the morning. Another thing happened when infinite love has been given to James Thursday morning too.
The Shaktipat will not stop. Kundalini is awakening.
During meditation, and every day, everything is different now.
All my senses are multiply by 100. Hearing, taste, smell, touch, sight, all is different, all is new.
For example, I just walk in the street in Paris. It was like I was here for the first time.
Marching in the street was so wonderful; I was feeling a great joy, just being and feel my body moving. All my cells were happy to be there.
Actually, any experience is a new one, from eating an orange, to make love. All is totally new. All is wonderful and beautiful.
It is like the old “me” never really lived.
Each new day is always “unexpected”. I don’t even try to imagine what’s next, because next is always behind imagination !
This report is a testimony of what Shaktipat is.
Each time I close my eyes, I enter in a happiness state. I can feel all my being as a part of the “One”. In this moments, poetry is the communication channel.

Here is the detailed report:

First day of Shaktipat : 14/02/2011

Morning session: 2 hours

Deep meditation with good music from Mikel.

Afternoon session: 2 hours of meditation

In this session, the meditation was very deep. At the end of the meditation, my eyes were moving the same way than when we are dreaming. Many flash of electricity, moving happened. I was consciousness.

During this session, I said to myself “I am in the same state after dancing 8 hours”. I was dancing a lot when I was young and I loved this state. It is what happens after dancing a lot. In this state, we have no thoughts; we just “are” the music.

It is the first time I go soo deep. It is like my computer was “switch off”, but nobody there to “switch on” !

Day two of Shaktipat : 15/02/2011

Morning session : 2 hours of meditation

Deep meditation. Eyes were moving alone like yesterday. At the end, there is no “will” so it is difficult to wake up. It is like my computer was “switch off”, but nobody there to “switch on”.

I have some pain in the back. I do some body movement of the back. At one moment I saw a mountain with a cavern.

Session 2 : 1.5 hours of meditation

After dancing 1 hour, we begun the meditation. It was great to dance, because it trains us to listen our body. During the dance, many intuitive movements happened.

The “eyes moving” meditation happened almost immediately. After, I have seen green colors, and I had many joy.

During this meditation for the first time, I felt in the middle of the front drops of liquid during many time. It was like “shirodhara ” Indian technical. (I have made 4 or 5 shirodhara in my life )

It was exactly the same sensation.

For the first time in this mediation which was no soo deep, I had Kryas, my body wanted to move. There was some movement of the head, and many stretching movement of the spine.

I am doing some Yoga in Paris, so I have intuition that the “idea” was to stretch the spine.

After this movement, the pain of the back disappeared.

You will see in the video the yoga figures.

At many moments, I felt someone pushing me gently and slowly.

After the meditation. I had many emotions. After meditation, we sang during many hours. All my body was vibrating during hours. I show that to the other, and thy confirmed my body was vibrating.

Little poetry received :

“Who you really are

Now you know

Love you are, love you will be

For ever”

Day three: 16/02/2011. It is DAY ONE of my rebirth.

Morning session: 2h30

At the beginning, I started with long yoga respiration. (Pranayama) After a moment Kryas arrived. My body wanted me to do spine stretching. I just let the body choose the movement.

It was very long to elongate the column from up to down and then to the left and then to the right. (see the videos). It takes one hour to descend my body to the ground, and 30 minutes to put it up !

Some cryas, and spasms arrived, very strong feeling.

After this long elongation, I felt the need to go in śavāsana position.

After a moment, Mikel came to me. He made some energetic healing.

This is THE moment I rebirth.

I totally merged with him in infinite love. At this moment, we became one, the “old me” dissolved in love and light with him.

This poetry happened when Mikel gave me special health. At this moment, I received infinite love and faith; I was returning love to him too in his heart chakra.

Then, this poetry exploded in me: (read slowly)

“We are, one

We are infinite love

We are the present

We are the past

We are the future

We are”

This special moment is the most important moment of this incarnate life. It will be remembered. It is a real rebirth moment.

When I was receiving infinite love flow, I saw the Mikel’s fire with all animals from the forest he told us. I realized that I was the rabbit!

Some minutes after this. For the first time I gave energetic health to Justin with the others. I sent infinite love in his heart Chakra.

I was able to “feel” the infinite love and the flow from the sky to Justin, passing from my hand.

This is the first time I receive and give so much blessing.

Day four : 17/02/2011 Day 2 of my rebirth

Morning Session:

After 1.5 hours, the meditation was finished, and I felt that I was ready. (But I didn’t know ready for what)

I felt Yogi Madan touching my third eyes.

At the moment, James grap my hand strongly. I understood he needs me near him. I took his hand during more than 30 minutes. He was trembling a lot, with many spasms.

At this moment, I connected Shiva and I sent him a continuous flow of infinite love. Infinite love was passing from my head through my hands to finish into James.

Other seeker came and touches James too to connect him too.

The energy flow was like all nuclear bombs in the planet was exploding at the same time. This more than huger amount of love was astonished.

All my body was vibrating, my hands shaking too. There is a video.

After this fantastic experience, I recorded a 12 minutes interview of James about what exactly happened. I will transcript it in another email.

It was one of the most impressive experience of all my life, and for James too, lol.

After this massive energetic experience, all my being continued to vibrate as if I had touch electric cable.

Afternoon and last session:

Good and last meditation : I don’t remember this session.

Poetry : Beyond love

“Beyond love

You will find infinite love

A fraternal love

Indestructible love

Follow this love

It is the path

Of enlightment”

Poetry For Mikel :

Title : “In the light of the sun”

In the light of the sun

A brother I have found

Fraternal love I have found

Take it

Cherish it

Let it happen

It is made of us

This indestructible love

Is what we are

What we were

What we will be

Stay with me

In the light

Let’s shine together”

Day five : 18/02/2011: Day 3 of my rebirth

Poetry during meditation:

Title : Don’t forget to live

Don’t forget to live

Every moment,

Every seconds of your life

Be present. Live totally, live plainly.

Share your love,

Share your emotions

You can laugh

You can cry

You can share with others

Don’t forget to live

This is why you are there

Don’t forget to live

Don’t forget to live

If you want to die, plainly

Day six : 19/02/2011: DAY 4 of my rebirth

During meditation, I merged with a friend of me. She has cancer and some months ago, she asked me the book “Autobiographie d’un eveil” from Gospi Krishna”. I read the book before sending to her. After the reading of this book, I was so passionate that I read 24 books about Kundalini!

I had so many emotions when I understood that she just “Saved” me in this life. Like with Mikel, I just fall in infinite love again, and I merged with her. It was beautiful, with an enormous blast of love!

After that, I thought all my other brothers and sister from Shaktipat.

Poetry during meditation:

“Brothers, sisters,

I can feel you inside of me as you can feel me inside of you.

There is no separation, no pain, no suffering

Ego disappeared

He let place to infinite love

Fly with me, fly, fly, fly

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you”

Later in the day, I called her, telling her that I loved her so much. I experienced my first long distant healing too. She was able to feel love I was sending in her heart chakras during 30 minutes. She enjoyed a lot.

Day seven : 20/02/2011 : DAY 5

The last three days, it was difficult to manage the Awaken/ Not awaken mode. It seems that sports help to go to the “mind” mode and music to the “Shiva” mode. Any intellectual works switch to the mind mode.

I have the intuition that the right brain is concerned with the “Shiva” mode and the left brain with the “mind” mode. (Cf the book “voyage au dela de mon cerveau de Jill Bolte and Marie boudewyn)

What I am learning is how to switch from a mode to another. How to switch from left brain to right brain. Fortunately, it is possible to use 90% Shiva mode and 10% Mind mode. This configuration allows writing poetries and this report. When 100% in Shiva mode during meditation, it is not possible to wake up because there is no will. (the computer from the left brain is switched off)

Each time I close my mind, I go in the “Shiva” mode. I understand now why Mikel was doing this all time ! (Thank you Mikel again)

It seems that Shaktipat initiation allow us to have access to the right brain (Shiva mode)

The question is: How does it work? What is the relation between the brain and the spine?

Why the music allow switching easily from a mode to another?

Report of morning meditation: between 11 and 12h.

I watched the pictures of our group during Shaktipat, and then I played the video when we were doing Shaktipat. The music took me back instantly in the infinite love. (Shiva mode)

After 5 minutes, I was meditating, feeling of Vincent, my energetic healer since some months.

I was so thankful to him that I instantly merged with him, with full infinite love.

He cleaned my chakras in the lasts months and I just realized that he helped me in my enlightment path.

I was in the infinite love with him. A new brother is born. We merged in the light.

The funny part is that the first time I meet him, some months ago, he told me : “You should write, you are gifted for that”. (I never written anything from my whole life until this poetries now)

Then, I had like a vision with him, me and Claudine, in meditation together; he was doing Shaktipat with us.

I was so happy to return the love he gave me. Some tears came because of the intense feeling.

In the second part of the meditation, I received some information about what I have to do in my business job.

In this meditation, Shiva was telling me to create an Ahshram in Paris!

It is a SPA, relaxing center with many healer, meditation rooms, and beautiful place of nature.

I laugh a lot, understanding why I am now in real estate business. Fortunately, Shiva didn’t gave any date !

At the end, I thought about Mikel and Yogi Madan, then I received this poetry:

Brothers, sisters!

Let’s change the world.

Brothers, sisters!

Let’s spread the love

Let’s spread the light

Brothers, sisters!

Come with us.

Brothers, sisters!

Let’s share the love

Let’s share the light

Brothers, sisters!

Let’s change the world.

Brothers, sisters!

To everyone, everywhere

Brothers, sisters!

Brothers, sisters!

End of the Day 5:

Swimming pool I have been to swim like I used to before Shaktipat. (I used to swim 40 000 meters per month means 5 hours a week)

Because of the sense are multiply by 100, the pleasure of the shower was fantastic. So many drops of water in all my body was like a big fireworks.

The first contact in the water: I “heard” into myself :

“what is that ?”

“It is water”

“Oh great! , let’s swim”

Sensation was like I was literally flying. Because the body knows the movement to swim, I just let it go by itself. The “I” was exploring sensation when the “body” part was just moving as usual.

Pleasure was intense; it has never been like this. Some years ago, I experienced this a little, but after 2 hours of swimming only. This time, it was immediate after the first contact with water.

The swimming session was 1h20 hours, I was able to listen when my body was tired or not, some part of the swimming was in slow motion. It was fantastic to swim in slow motion!!! The touch sense, the feeling is so increased!

Just imagine the learning possibilities for any champion if he could do that. That means that we can learn more quickly, that we could “feel” the right movement, the right moment. Possibilities in all sports are infinite.

Like the other experiences from the last days, it was a real new experience, like it was the first time. All cells of my body were so happy to swim. I realized that the body love moving because it is his function! Move, dance, do something with your body, he loved that. It is like the body is a autonomous system with his own need. I am listening to him so much now. I now perfectly understand why body can have disease if the “mind” doesn’t listen to him!

Listen to your body and be happy. Let’s dance, let’s move on!

After swimming, I meditated in the swimming pool 1 hour, to rest the body, was great too.

My consciousness is in expansion. It is growing. Each time I go into meditation, I access more knowledge.

After swimming:

Messages arrived listening “Equinoxe part 7” from JM Jarre :

Music is not just music.

Music is thoughts, music is ideas, and music is a direct connection to the divine. Music is a channel to God, to Shiva, to the infinite love. This is why music is so important when we do Shaktipat. We loved the music chosen by Mikel. I know why now!

Music can bring you where ever you want, in paradise or hell, it is your choice.

Music is changing the world. Music can make the people better. (Classical music for example, no hard rock or violent music)

I now realized the gift I received in this life, a wonderful gift. The gift of communication.

Spread the love, with music, with poetry. This is the reason of my incarnation: To make a better world. Beginning with Internet, finishing with music.

Music can heal, Music will change the world. Listen to me, music will change the world.

It is one of the ways chosen by Shiva to spread her message of love. Music can be spread quickly all over the world with a very few costs.

This is why I meet most of my music friends (and James). I now understand why all my life, I was listening music, it was a way to keep contact with Shiva.

*** END of day 5*** (today!)

More reports will be sent soon.

I love you so much Yogi Madan!

Thank you to have accepted to give me Shaktiptat. I understand now that it is a big responsibility for you.

Yes, I wanted to be enlightened, but no human is able to realize the immense impact of the changes. Fortunately, Shiva knows what she is doing!

We are, one

We are infinite love

We are the present

We are the past

We are the future

We are

Infinite love